The the opportunity to drive. It is observed these

The youth are vital layer in any
society, that are full of energy with the ability to drive and make changes,
but unfortunately in many countries around the world they did not get the
opportunity to drive. It is observed these days, that the manpower of the
terrorist groups around the world, are young individuals. These young people
around the world bore the brunt of violent extremism. Young people display
potential recruits and interveners in the radicalization process so it is very
reasonable that they be meaningfully engaged so that they can be part of the

policing terrorism so as to counter extremism, youths must always be considered
as part of the solutions, instead of allowing them to indulge in extremism,
they need to be encourage to positive activities and performance through
opening communication channels between the society agents and younger youths by
listening to them, knowing their concerns, needs, problems and work to solve,
otherwise the counterpart will use the opportunity to attract them to wrong
direction. Youth engagement activities give a cornerstone of community-policing
practices in many countries. Community authorities can carry-out a major role
either through their own autonomous efforts or by supporting existing youth outreach
programs and the labour of the youth workers from both public authorities and
civil society organizations.

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to motivate the youths in preventing terrorism and countering extremism, can be
drawn on lessons learnt and good practices in engaging youth to prevent other
risk behaviours and crimes including school violence and drug abuse. These can
be made noticeable through awareness campaign in the national and international
youth platform to encourage the youths to be more responsible and accountable
in the challenges that is surrounds them and be well equipped as future leaders
in fighting and defeating terrorism.