The their lives guided by virtues and practical good

The differences between the United
States and South Korea are significantly noticeable. South Korea supports
religious freedom and uses Confucianism for their political and social views
and culture (Country Comparison, n.d.). South Korea scored higher in the “power
distance” dimension with a score of 60 while United States scored 40. This dimension’s
meaning is that all individuals in societies are not equal. With this score,
South Korea is considered a Confucian hierarchical society with orders. Which
means that hierarchy is seen as reflecting inherent inequalities,
centralization is common, subordinates are expected to do their job requested by
their ideal benevolent autocrat boss (Home, n.d.).

addition, South Korea scored 100 on “long-term orientation” while United States
score 26. “Long-term orientation” summarizes how every society has to maintain
some links with its own past while dealing with the challenges of the present and
future. South Korea is considered one of the most practical, long-term oriented
societies because they believe that people live their lives guided by virtues
and practical good examples (Home, n.d.). On the other hand, United States
scored higher on “individualism” and “masculinity” than South Korea did. South Korea
tend to focus on in groups who will take care of others and link together as
families, and the United States tend to be “loosely-knit” as an individualistic
society (Home, n.d.).

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If an American
manager was travelling to South Korea, the manager would probably try to incorporate
some of the individualistic and innovative methods into their society. It could
help bring some benefits and success to their society.