The this has become important goals of its foreign

  The changes
that have taken place in the world at the beginning of the 21st century have
led to a new equilibrium of forces in international relations, in particular,
the race for world primacy. In recent years, at the international level, new
factors have emerged, while others have intensified or changed their character,
which in general imply the inevitable transformation of the international
character. In practice, this allows increasing the number of different
connections, influences in various spheres of society. The relationship between
China and Africa has such values ??that exceed the boundaries of the continents
of Africa and Asia. China’s relationship with the African countries is the most
successful manifestation of it geoeconomics. Beijing uses the growing influence
of Africa in a multipolar world to counterbalance the domination of the West.
Economically, Africa, as the region with the greatest potential for development
in the world, is an important destination for Chinese exports, which in recent
years has reached several hundred billion dollars. China has become Africa’s
largest trading partner. The main strategic objectives of Chinese politics
provide favourable international conditions for rapid economic growth, the
construction of an image of a responsible and restrained partner, maintaining
the support of the South for the Chinese vision of a new international economic
and political order. The field of external economic relations plays a key role
in the ambitious Chinese concepts of the big leap and the achievement of
high-level status in the global economy. As a result of maintaining access to
foreign markets, capital, raw materials and technologies, this has become
important goals of its foreign policy. So, this explains Chinese diplomatic
activity in the field of international diplomatic relations and the increase of
trade relations in bilateral and multilateral relations.