The to Ogletree (1995, pp. 85), “public defenders would

         The issue of the wealth of an individual determining
fairness of a trial if convicted is a problem that is discussed frequently. It
boils down to money which can allow you to buy a potentially successful defense
team. However, the question is, can you afford one? According to Mosteller
(2011, pp. 326), in the United States, “more than 80% of individuals charged
with felonies are poor.” As a result, the indigents are unable to hire a
private attorney and end up heavily relying on public defenders. “Generally,
public defenders are the hardest working section in the legal bar” (Mosteller
2011, pp.326). This fact brings upon the main problems which is public
defenders are burdened with limited resources, underfunding, excessive
caseloads, and negativity from the public view. Typically, public defenders are
unable to have institutional support which includes lack of resources, limited
training and supervision, excessive caseloads, unhealthy work conditions, and
members of the legal profession who are unsympathetic. Because of this issue,
public defenders go through a great deal of stress which causes an increase in
being skeptic and discouraged about doing their job. According to Ogletree
(1995, pp. 85), “public defenders would face increased pressure on them due to
new federal bail and speedy trial requirements, the sentencing guidelines, and
mandatory minimum sentences. These pressures are what make the representation
of poor people or so called “indigents” difficult at the federal level of the
criminal justice system. Since representation is difficult, the ability to
provide adequate representation especially to indigents will be minimal and
limited. Of the institutional difficulties, excessive caseloads is a
reoccurring issue even today for public defenders. A lot of public defenders
today take numerous amounts of cases at varying times because of how occupied
they are during their job. Since the number of individuals convicted of a crime
are unable to afford a private attorney, public defenders are faced with
working overtime. More pressure is added to them when they are limited in staff
members. The overall effect of public defenders being continuously busy is that
they will lack individualized and focused representation. Eventually, the
advocacy for their clients will be lacking appeal since they have to deal with
other caseloads and stress kicks in. Another institutional limitation that
would be considered unsettling would be underfunding. According to Ogletree
(1995, pp. 85), a reporter for the Criminal Justice Act Review Committee said
that “he received letters and heard powerful testimony from many public
defenders who talk about them being unable to provide effective assistance of
counsel due to the lack of resources available to them under the federal law.”
It has also been heard by judges that they find out public defenders being
underfunded. Since public defenders are underfunded, it affects the way they
perform their job. While public defenders have to deal with institutional
limitations, they also face criticism and negativity from the public view and
their clients.  Public defenders not only
undergo harsh criticism from the public but they face criticism from their
clients when they are the ones putting dedicated hours to serve them. Since clients
have a lack of understanding of the criminal justice system, they would press
unfair charges against public defenders. This usually has to deal with the
relationship between public defenders and other members of the criminal justice
system which include the judges, prosecutors, and police. Public defenders are
paid from the same financial sources that pay other court agents and defenders
also have deals with the prosecutors that end up sending clients to prison.

Public defenders usually have a better understanding of these type of
arrangements than their clients. In result of this, clients would accuse their
defenders of being involved in the criminal justice system; establishing
relationships with others to serve as a benefit only to them. However, public
defenders are actually putting time and effort in order to serve their clients.

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According to Ogletree (1995, pp. 86), in terms of criticism from the public,
defenders are often viewed as “incompetent in what they do” or “immoral for
doing certain actions in their profession.”