The to survival. Emphasis is on continuing system’s analysis

success of TQM rests with following six concepts

1. A
committed and involved management to provide long term top to bottom
organizational support

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must remove fear from work place, then empower employee, you provide the proper
environment. This work of removing the fear from the total work force should
start from the top management and spread throughout the organization.
Management commitment is indispensable in achieving quality management in a
company: such commitment is to be shown to employees, customers, and other

management decision can lead a company either upward or downward. It is not
difficult to find examples of established companies, with long-standing fame,
being hit hard by scandal—seeing their favorable public reputation being lost
quickly. Therefore, in order to achieve sustainable business management, it is
necessary for management to implement TQM to convincingly articulate to its
subordinates its firm commitment.

An unwavering focus on the customer, both internally and externally

you do to improve quality, train employees, integrate quality into processes, only
customers determine whether your efforts were really worthwhile. Today the
customers hold the key which open the lock of the fate of any manufacturer.

Effective involvement and utilization of the entire work force

is mentioned by Japanese as CWQC – Company Wide Quality Control, means TQM is
not to be restricted to one department or one part of the organization. People
must be encouraged not only just to do their job but to improve their job
through innovative ideas that contribute to the growth of the company.

Continuous improvement of the business and production process

knowledge of using analytical or statistical methods, quality tools, and
creative thinking helps organizations to become more efficient and effective.
Superior quality/performance is not a luxury, it is essential to survival.
Emphasis is on continuing system’s analysis even when a satisfactory solution
to a problem is obtained. Improvement needs to be a regular part of daily work
in order to achieve the highest levels of quality and performance excellence.

Treating suppliers as partners.

 Interaction with supplier is seen with each of
the departments, offices, sections or customers. These are “the quality
chains”, which can be broken at any point by either a person or any one piece
of equipment for not meeting the requirements of Customers or Suppliers.
Failure to meet the requirements in any part of a quality chain will lead to a
series of problems and subsequent failures throughout the chain. Hence, organization’s
relationship with suppliers is vital to meet customers’ (external and internal)

Establish performance measures for the processes.

 Processes if not measured will not yield the
result as anticipated. Hence, quality must be measured in terms of
productivity, cost, customer satisfaction, etc. to understand the progress. Establishment
of proper metrics is critical to measure performance of processes.