The to try it out. If I could choose

The internet. Everyone knows what I am
talking about right? The digital reality we bring ourselves into when we use
our phones or computers. The internet has many benefits to our world today, but
just to let know it has also become a problem. Who else tries to do their work
and gets distracted easily because of the constant notifications they get from
their favorite social media app? I for one do. We all live in bubbles of distraction
and they’re everywhere in forms of the web such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat,
YouTube and many more. We can’t escape it, but I am here to talk about a
certain subcategory on YouTube called “Vlogs.”

What is a vlog? It is a shorter term for
“video logs.” The videos are usually posted on a website called YouTube and the
YouTuber can gain an audience that can enjoy the content that is in the video
they have created. People vlog about anything such as their daily lives, video
games, clothing, music, cars, food, politics, paranormal and the list goes on.
Vlogs have been popular on YouTube before and they are still popular now. I am
here to tell you why I started vlogging and if you’re interested in doing it
why I encourage you to.

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I would spend most of my spare time
watching vloggers like Casey Neistat, David Dobrik, and Justin Escalona
(PlayTheGameFilms). They are all daily life vloggers. All of their content
intrigued me so much that I wanted to try it out. If I could choose my favorite
vlog it is when Casey Neistat came back from quitting his vlogs! He quit his
vlogs because he wanted to do more than just vlogging his life, but he came
back because he missed making videos for his audience.  I was very excited once I saw the video in my
recommended playlist! Casey Neistat’s vlogs include his daily life and tech
reviews. David Dobrik’s vlogs include his daily life and comedy skits. Justin
Escalona’s vlogs include his daily life and cinematography. They are my
inspirations on why I started to vlog. So I combined all of their styles of
vlogging and put them into mine. In my head, all I could think of was all the
content I can make when I go on adventures with my friends.

At first, all I had was my iPhone 6s to
record videos and to be honest the quality was good. It wasn’t as great as a
DSLR or any other camera, but it did the work. I chose content over quality and
so I created a YouTube channel called The Lunch Club. It consisted of me and my
group of friends that would record and post on it time to time. The channel
lasted for about 2 years then I moved on to my individual channel. (Clarenz Del
Mar) I always start off my videos with a “What’s up guys!” I would also have
cinematic sequences. They are basically slow motion shots I would shoot such as
the sky, the road, the sunset anything that’s beautiful at the moment and I
would add music to it! In other words, it’s called B-Roll. I did most of the
editing on the videos on my phone and that was hard to do because of the
process. It takes me about 2-3 hours just to edit one video.

Editing seems easy at first, but it
really isn’t. I use an app called iMovie it didn’t have a lot of editing
options, but it was simple and it got the job done. You have to get all the
video clips you recorded and put them in order. I would end up with a 15-20
minute long video and I would cut it to 5-8 minutes. I would also have to find
non-copyrighted music so I can use in the video. I had a lot of times where I
used a song that was copyrighted and YouTube took it down. Next, I make an
intro and choose the font that can relate with my content. Then, I do color
correcting on my videos so the colors in the clips can be more vibrant and it
would catch the audience eye. Once I’m done with all the good stuff, I then
make the outro of the video which includes my last video I uploaded and the
most viewed video. Lastly, I would render and save the video and upload it to
YouTube I don’t have the fastest internet so it takes like an hour or two to be
finished and up for people to watch.

The reaction I would get from people were
“Wow! You’re editing is so nice!” “I would love to see more videos!” That’s
when it hit me I kept uploading and uploading because it brought joy to others
and it was a stress-reliever! On my spare time I would just record things that
I enjoyed and hopefully people enjoyed it as well and they did! Sooner it
became a habit not a bad habit, but a passion. I would wake up brainstorming
different ideas I can do to post on my next video and I kept uploading. My
views started off with 10-20 views a day and now they are about 30-70 views a
day and Guam is a small place.

I then upgraded cameras for a bit because
my friend was nice enough to lend me his Canon T3i. It wasn’t up to date with
the other versions of the camera, but come on I wouldn’t want to miss the
chance to use a DSLR! It was a dream to have a professional camera in my hands
and I just didn’t know how to start! I started just testing it by shooting
anything and the quality was extraordinary! The stability on it was… stable! If
you didn’t know, stability is a main factor on a video because people don’t
want to watch a video that keeps shaking unless it’s a video about an
earthquake… I started filming with it and it felt like I was one of my favorite
YouTubers because it felt very professional and fun to use! I can zoom in and
out without it being all choppy and all. Overall the camera was amazing! My
shots were cleaner, but remember content over quality! I currently have a job
now and I am saving up for a Canon camera that is affordable because my iPhone
is slowly giving up on me…

What is great content? Great content is
when you think of unique and creative ideas. You have to find something that
hasn’t been made before or that hasn’t been trending. Also the idea has to be something
interesting and think about your audience if someone else made this idea into a
video would you watch it? That is great content to me.

If you really want to vlog, do it! You
won’t regret it. Don’t focus on your views and subscribers because they will go
up from time to time. Focus on your content and putting it out there! Be a Guam
vlogger like me and I know a couple as well and they’re my friends. Their
YouTube channels are RICHIE MENO and the daily life of josh. All of us want to
make Guam a known place! We want to show its beauty and what potential it has! We
want people to know that we live in paradise! We want this island to be filled
with a community of vloggers that share the same passion and inspiration. My
friends and I would help each other out in videos and also think of ideas for
each other. We all have filmmaking aspirations. We want artists and celebrities
to visit our island and see what’s great about it! So join us and vlog to make
us known! Not only for us, but the island you live on! Lets all work together
to expand the community on this island! Don’t forget to subscribe, leave a like
and comment below!