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The Electoral College is a body of people representing the state of the United States, who will formally cast votes for the election of the president and vice president. The constitutional convention of 1787 was amended by political compromises. This was true in the creation of the Electoral College (Hendricks).The framers of the constitution explored several possible methods for choosing a president. One option was to have the congress select the president. This idea was discarded because the framers believed it would run counter to the balance of power that they envisioned between legislative and executive balances of the national government (Clayton).Another plan for selecting a president was to assign the task of the state legislature. This idea was abandoned because it was believed that such a system would compromise the concept of an independent federal government (Clayton).An alternative for electing a president that framers examined was the direct popular vote of the people. Many scholars assert that this method was ignored because framers had felt that the citizens were not informed enough to make that decision. The former director of the Federal Election Commission Office of Election Administration, William Kimberling did not agree. The intended purpose of the Electoral College is to decide who becomes president by casting votes for each state. If the Electoral College were to choose the first option it would eventually only favor the congress. The second option would only destroy the independent federal system. If the congress were to select the president it wouldn’t be fair to the people of the United States. Because they would be choosing who would make the decisions of what they think is better for “us” when in reality it would be better for them (Clayton). Each of the four hundred thirty five representatives in the U.S. house of representatives plus the one hundred senators. Also after the twenty third amendment the District of Columbia got three votes. Fifty-one percent of votes are required to become president. The Electoral College has existed in the United States Since the ratification of the constitution forty three presidents have served and the Electoral College has failed to elect a president without any arguments (Smith). We have the Electoral College because it decides who can run in the presidential race. Any of the candidates who ran for president have had huge amounts of people who argue about whether they should or shouldn’t become president (Smith).The Electoral College was designed to solve problems but it has provided us with a whole bunch of new problems. The popular vote lacks in legitimacy. In some cases the constitution would not always follow with the principles of weighing every vote equally (Smith).For example, A Wyoming voter is worth up to four times that of a Californian voter. This means that some votes around the United States would count more or less than others. Any solution the Electoral College solves it comes up with a new problem that it then has to fix. But the Electoral College is for the better (Smith).