The use of water. Water-saving agriculture should be developed

The increasingly lack of water resources
affects and restricts the potential development of modern society and will
become the main problem of the global water resources and environment in this
century 1.

The world population has doubled in the
past 60 years, a total of over six billion inhabitants with an increasing
demand for food and other consumer goods. This made the men should explore new
areas and to get a constant increase of productivity, food quality, reduction
of production costs and using in particular the irrigated agriculture

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China is not only a country with shortage
water resources but also a big agricultural country with a large population. It
is also a big country for agricultural water uses 2, 3. At present the total
agricultural water utilization in china estimated about 60% of the total water
utilization in the whole country 4, 5. Water-saving agriculture is a high
degree of agricultural rational use of water. Water-saving agriculture should
be developed on the basis of water-saving technology 6, 7. Water-saving
agriculture technology is the basic work of developing Water-saving agriculture
8, 9. As an important part of Water-saving agricultural technology,
Water-saving irrigation technology was a variety of irrigation measures, such
as sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation etc. To effectively utilize
precipitation and irrigation water according to the water demand law of crops
and the local water resources conditions 10

As a rule, pressurized irrigation
systems are composed of water lifting devices, piped networks, water delivery
devices, and pressure and water control devices. At times, because of the
topography, no water lifting devices are required and water gravitates into the
system. Irrespective of whether pumps are used or not, the water in the
irrigation system is always under pressure. The magnitude of pressure depends
on the requirements of a particular technology. Generally, localized irrigation
systems operate at lower pressure than sprinkler irrigation systems. It is
therefore necessary that during the preparation of the designs and bills of
quantity (Module 8 and 9) the pressure requirements of the system are clearly
stated and the equipment to meet these requirements is identified.