The which shows the wrong use of proctor’s authority

The Crucible by Arthur Miller  it has a dramatized and partially fictionalized story of Salem witch trials that took place in the Massachusetts Bay Colony during 1692,Parris discovers that his daughter Betty,Abigail and some other girl were dancing in the forest with Tituba who is a slave, Betty gets scared because she gets discovered and she will not wake up.the Crucible had a lot of different themes such as Hysteria,Integrity and courage,Revenge adn authority.but i thought that there was a lot of the wrong usage of authority in the crucible from different characters in the plot and different situations,from John proctor towards Mary,also from Cheever  and Hale.John proctor uses his authority in the wrong way when he says to Marry “you’re coming with me to the court, Mary” on page 931. This shows how he is forcing mary to come with him to the court to confess and this shows how he is using his Proctor authority in the wrong way and he is forcing to do something that she doesn’t want to do,also this shows that she has nothing to confess to or doesn’t want to because she’s afraid to to confess so this shows how proctor is putting in risk when forcing her to confess in court which shows the wrong use of proctor’s authority towards Mary Warren.Also in the crucible Cheever shows the wrong use of authority when she goes to search Proctor’s house for evidence of witchcraft “Mr.proctor, I have little time.the court bid me search your house but I like not to search a house so will you hand me any poppets that you keep here” page 927. This makes her using her authority in the wrong way because she searches his house for evidence of a crime that Elizabeth did not commit and there is no reason for her searching the house,this shows the misuse of authority because when if she find the puppet she will arrest elizabeth even if the puppet does not belongs to elizabeth so this shows how a search warrant is gonna turn into a arrest warrant which i think was gonna happen in both cases if she did find the puppet or didn’t find itWhen Hale comes in to questions Tituba and what she did and he used his authority wrong “Then you saw him!Now tituba,i know that when we bind ourselves to Hell it is very hard to  break it is very hard to break with it.we are going to help you tear yourself free”pg the dialogue it shows that Hle is just using his authority to question people which is wrong because this is not the way that he should it should be,also he tells tituba to to tear herself to proof it this is also another example of HAle using his authority in the wrong way.As i mentioned above this is how the Authority in the crucible was used wrong and it did affect people and will affect people in the Crucible and also in our current world,John Proctor forcing Mary Warren to confess and to go to the court ,also when cheever arrests Elizabeth who is Proctor’s wife without proof just because of the puppet,and lastly Hale using his authority to question Tituba.and this shows how the misuse of authority can affect people in their lifes reputation and in the current world.