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The Honor 9 lite has been launched in India for the price of 10999 rupees now this is an extremely busy market for the smartphone buyer there are so many options available in this price bracket that the buyers getting confused honor themselves has launched several in this price bracket and with the honor 9 lite they are basically undercutting there own honor 7x which was launched in December let’s do a quick roundup of specifications for the honor 9 lite which in theory are identical to the honor 7x so you get kirin 659 chipset which is an Octa Core chipset with 2*2.3 GHz and 4*1.7 GHz, you also get 3 or 4GB RAM option with 32 or 64 GB storage respectively and you also get a micro SD card expensive upto 256 GB. The battery on this phone is a smaller 3000 mAh battery and also the display is a 5.6 inch display it is an IPS LCD display with a resolution of 2160*1080 pixel it is an 18:9 aspect ratio and has impressive 428 pixels per inch and thanks to the form factor of the honour 9 Lite and the overall size which makes it slightly more compact and easier to use with one hand even if you have large or tiny hands in general larger phones are slightly difficult to use with 5.6 inch display in an 18:9 aspect ratio the size of this phone is a lot more easier to handle versus most of the phones that are available in this price bracket with a metal unibody design which was a really important thing in last year’s design aspect most companies have followed and switch from plastic or Polycarbonate to all metal design honor has gone a different route by adding a glass front and a glass back this definitely does a good job for making the phone look premium but it is also that much more brittle and if you drop it you drop it you have chances of breaking to pieces of Glass instead of just the one on the front and the overall design is also premium to look at is extremely glossy and as a sapphire blue color that I have over here is one of the better colour between midnight black and Glacier Grey now because the display in IPS LCD display the edges of off the display are squared off and not rounded off as you will see on AMOLED displays the colours are also slightly more accurate and you don’t see any blue tint which is again thanks to the LCD display but that because its an LCD display the levels of Black and the saturation that you get with the AMOLED screens is something that you will not get on this device viewing angles are fantastic and visibility indoors as well as outdoor on the honor 9 lite is pretty good now most apps will run at full screen and you do have the ability to scale apps that are not supporting the 18:9 aspect ratio at this movement to take the full advantage of the display you can also hide the buttons at the bottom while you are using the phone in certain areas again utilise the full view of the display giving you a lot more screen real estate this also comes in handy to do multitasking so if you have constant Need to watch a YouTube video while browsing the internet you should be able to do that with multitasking enabled on this phone another great thing about the honor 9 lite which shots of set its apart from the competition in this price bracket is the fact that it does comes with the latest version of EMUI and Android 8 out of box.