There anthropophagi comes from the Arawakan language name for

There are so many terrifying weird things in the world, Cannibalism is considered the worst. Yes, Cannibalism still exist in spite the fact that it not legal/not allowed. Cannibalism, also known as anthropophagi, is defined as the act or practice of eating members of the same species. The word anthropophagi comes from the Arawakan language name for the Carib Indians of the West Indies. The Caribs are well known for their practice of cannibalism. There is evidence, both archaeological and genetic, that cannibalism has been practiced for tens of thousands of years. Human bones that have been “de-fleshed” by other humans go back 600,000 years. The oldest Homo sapiens bones (from Ethiopia) show signs of this as well. Some anthropologists, such as Tim White, suggest that ritual cannibalism was common in human societies prior to the beginning of the Upper Paleolithic period.Although there is no accepted consensus on the various types of cannibalism encountered by researchers, the literature differentiates generally among a few types; Endocannibalism (sometimes spelled endo-cannibalism) refers to consumption of members of one’s own group. Exocannibalism (or exo-cannibalism) refers to the consumption of outsiders. Mortuary cannibalism takes place as part of funerary rites and can be practiced as a form of affection, or as an act of renewal and reproduction. Warfare cannibalism is the consumption of enemies, which can be in part honoring brave opponents or exhibiting power over the defeated. Survival cannibalism is consumption of weaker individuals (very young, very old, sickly) under conditions of starvation such as shipwreck, military siege, and famine.  Some of the most famous cases are the 1846 Donner Party in the Sierra Nevada and the South American athletes stranded in the Andes in 1972, whose plight later became the subject of the film Alive (1993).       Anthropologists have attempted to explain the occurrence of cannibalism, beginning with French philosopher Michel de Montaigne’s 1580 essay on cannibalism seeing it as a form of cultural relativism. Some anthropologist like Bronislaw Malinowski declared that everything in human society had a function, including cannibalism and some anthropologist like E.E. Evans-Pritchard saw cannibalism as fulfilling a human requirement for meat. Research papers say that cannibalism was discovered when when Christopher Columbus landed in the New World in 1492.  In 2012, a naked man attacked and ate the face of a homeless man in Miami. That same year, a Brazilian trio killed a woman and sold empanadas made from her flesh. In India, exiled Aghori monks of Varanasi drink from human skulls and eat human flesh as part of their rituals to find spiritual enlightenment. Following the German surrender at the Battle of Stalingrad in January/February 1943, roughly 100,000 German soldiers were taken prisoner of war (POW). Almost all of them were sent to POW camps in Siberia or Central Asia where, due to being chronically underfed by their Soviet captors, many resorted to cannibalism. Fewer than 5,000 of the prisoners taken at Stalingrad survived captivity. The majority, however, died early in their imprisonment due to exposure or sickness brought on by conditions in the surrounded army before the surrender. Serial killer Albert Fish, also known as Gray man, caused much debate over whether or not he was insane, because he consumed his victims. He confessed to molesting more than 400 children over 20 years and is believed to have murdered somewhere between 6 and 15 children.         Many Government rulers have tried to change their culture but have failed because the tribal people are brought up thought that Cannibalism is right. They eat every part of the human body except hair, nails and penis (considered impure). Is cannibalism right or wrong? In truth, it is not upto us to decide. Our culture is different from theirs and we no right to say that ours is superior to theirs and that is not what anthropologists would do. All we can do is observe and take precautions.