There better-finding someone that you can stand around rather

There is nothing worse than unreturned love. Or there something else worse: when you like someone and you think that they also feel the same way, but then they surprise you by saying that they just want to be your friends only nothing else.

It is very horrible feeling and makes you want to give up on finding love altogether. You don’t want t feel that way. Each and every hope is not dead. There are a few simple and easy way to tell if the guy in your life wants to remain your friend or if he is waiting for you to say that be your boyfriend. You should just take some easy and very simple steps.

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Here are some signs that he just wants to be your friend. Because as soon as you figure this out, sooner you can crush on someone else who totally likes you back.


He never flirts with you

It is totally possible to date someone who has been your good friend for a long time. It is totally said that best relationship to start with is from friendship. After all, this means that you know the guy very well and you both love each other’s company very well. And at times it better-finding someone that you can stand around rather half the battle when it comes to dating and finding love.

But if the guy never flirts with you that the major sign that he just wants to be your friend and there is no other way about it, if he really likes you or loves you than he is definitely going to flirt with you. He won’t be able to control himself. Whenever you hang-out with each other he cannot stop the thoughts in his mind and is going to flirt with you.

Unfortunately, if you feel like that there is no flirting going on than clearly, you have your ans.


He never text you

Here’s the fad that if a guy likes you than he’s going to message you. Boys constantly text the girl they like because they cannot stop thinking about the girl and they want to be in contact with the girl they boast a crush.

You may think that the guy still likes you even if he doesn’t text you saying “hey” or asking how your day was. That’s because you think that the guy is very awesome that he is not clingy or being annoying. For sure you don’t want to date a clingy guy, but texting someone once a day or after very few days is not exactly a clingy behaviour. If he never text you, that can tell you a lot about how he feels for you.