There chosen to advertise online and on TV through

There are different types of media to promote products for businesses. The types of media Apple use are using media online like YouTube, TV adverts and billboards. They use these types of media to promote their products and have a successful promotional campaign.

Apple advertises their products online through YouTube advertisements and videos. This is an effective way to advertise their products because it can reach many people. This means people across the world can view the adverts. Additionally, it is an entertaining way to advertise the products because of the use of images, videos and music. People will be acting out the features the new device has, for example, the iPhone X has wireless charging which is being demonstrated in the video. Furthermore, different people are demonstrating the face ID. Moreover, the general population use YouTube as an entertaining platform and when watching videos, Apple’s advertisement comes up. This again is an effective way to promote their products, as people will have to watch the adverts.

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Furthermore, Apple advertises their products on Television too. The same video advertisement is advertised on TV as it has mass-market coverage. Additionally, many people watch TV, which means it, will reach a wide audience. As mentioned before, it is entertaining due to the image and music used in their adverts. The video is short, which only covers the main features of the products, in this case, the iPhone X. The reason why Apple has chosen to advertise online and on TV through videos is that they can show customers the features.

Moreover, Apple shows the iPhone X design and features in this video, known as the design film. They explain how the features work and how it was created. The reason why Apple created this video is to shows the audience what it took to make the iPhone X, the process of making the phone. This so that they can justify the price of the product.



Apple also advertises their products on billboards, like this one of the iPhone X. It is simple and concise, showing only the phone an when it will be released. It is also eye-catching as the display is colourful and simple. The reason why they advertise on billboards is that it is impactful and reaches a high number of audiences in urban areas. The photo of the product shows the new feature, full screen display. The reason why they used this picture is to show the audience how the product looks before it is released in the market.  








Moreover, Apple also promotes their products online on their website. This is because it reaches a worldwide audience and people can view the product in detail before purchasing it. Additionally, they state “Say hello to the future,” this is a very simple statement, which can show that their products are simple. On the website, the features are explained in detail so that people can have an understanding of the product and discover more information about it before buying it. 

Budget- cost versus coverage:

Advertising media will convey the message to the consumers and it can be costly. Depending on the type of media is used the price will vary. Apple advertises their products online, on TV and billboards. They are an expensive way to advertise their products, but they are all-effective and has a high audience coverage. Apple can afford to advertise using these media due to the budget they have, also it has been successful for them.

Promotional/campaign objectives:

Promotional/campaign objective is away in which the message of the objective is conveyed to the targeted audience. The media Apple has selected reaches people all over the world. Different media is used to ensure that people are aware of Apple products. Additionally, depending on the objectives Apple has, a different type of the promotional campaign will be used.

Target audience:

Apple targets their audience so that they can have a successful promotional campaign. They have a high coverage to ensure a large portion of the target audience is aware of the products they have. Their audience can see their advertisements online, on TV and on billboards.