There increase in e-sports (electronic sports) video games are

            There is no conclusive evidence to
show that violent video games cause people to be more violent.  Though, there is a correlation between the
increased popularity in violent video games and the decrease in the crime rate.
The benefits of playing video games (violent or not) seem to outweigh the
drawbacks.  There is still a lot to be
learned regarding long term effects of playing violent video games.


            As with all things, moderation is
key.  Addiction is always a possibility,
though  not any more so than any other
everyday activity.  The American Academy
of Pediatrics suggests two hours or less of total screen time per day. The lack
of physical activity caused by playing video games, instead of outside, can
lead to childhood obesity.  Although with
the increasing popularity of Virtual Reality (VR) games this may soon not be as
much of concern.

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            With the increase in e-sports
(electronic sports) video games are becoming more legitimized as a sport. Some
believe that video games don’t require physical activity, however the manual dexterity
required can be very intense.  Even pilots
and surgeons are know to play video games to help keep their manual dexterity
and eye-hand coordination skills sharp.


            The positive effects are
surprisingly numerous. Playing video games (violent or not) increases a
person’s ability to multitask. Hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills,
spatial reasoning, teamwork and strategic thinking skills are also
improved.  Playing games online has been
shown to increase social activity. Joining guilds and clans form social circles
that are based on mutual interests and include a wide variety of backgrounds.  This helps people to form friendships they
may never have made due to location or socioeconomic backgrounds.


            Violence has always been
around.  As far back in recorded history
as we go as a race, violence has been prevalent.  It is hard to know for sure if public
executions (for example) made us more violent in the times and if the abolishment
of them made us less violent as a culture.


            Next, is the effects on mental
health.  While the increase in aggression
is only temporary in most children, it may have long term effects on neuro-divergent
children, especially those with high levels of neuroticism or oppositional
traits and low levels of social awareness. 
It is difficult to tell if these children become more aggressive or
violent because of video games or due to the natural progression of their
mental condition.  Even with this, the
crime rate has been declining while violent video games have become more


            Let us begin with the effects on
child development.  Children that play violent
video games show slightly elevated levels of aggression as compared to children
that don’t play them.  This is only
short-term aggression, though. After a short period of time, they return to
very near their normal levels.  Kids that
spend too much time playing video games, rather than outside, are believed to
be missing out on some social development and physical activity.


start with the impact that violence in video games has on people.  Violence in video games does not have the
negative impact that everyone may believe. 
Though it is shown to have some negative impacts like lack of physical
activity and, in some cases, addiction. 
An increase in violence hasn’t been shown. Although some studies have
shown a small increase in aggression after playing, it seems to only be