There lord. The Greeks esteemed excellence and creative energy.

There has been various civilizations, empires, and people that have contributed and made a major impact in history. Out of all of these, the Ancient Greeks stand out the most.  The civilization of Ancient Greece bloomed more than 2500 years ago but it impacts the way we live nowadays. Greece is a landmass in southeastern Europe. Ancient Greece was home to many who have changed our world today. Through the laws of nature, the Greeks tried to explain the world through the laws of nature. They made vital revelations in science. They created a democracy, where individuals administer themselves instead of being ruled by a lord. The Greeks esteemed excellence and creative energy. Greek philosophers were extraordinary scholars who were determined to look for truth to a certain subject or address no matter where it left them. The Greeks also composed numerous stories and plays that proceed to be performed today. This is why Greece is frequently known as the Cradle of Western Civilization.  Ancient Greeks made many influential contributions to western civilization such as in the areas of philosophy, art, and architecture, math and science.The democratic system and appropriation of this framework is a vital part of not only Western Europe but the whole Western civilization. Without this Greek impact, there would be no framework for the individual’s input and the common person would not have a say in critical choices that shape their environment. This is critical since without the voting system those things we see as common and also birthright would not exist. Without democracy, we would not be able to choose leaders that are willing to fight for us and we would not be able to impact choices that we feel strongly towards. Each city-state had possessed its own government who ruled through a democracy. The Greeks also made a big impact on sports. Gymnasiums and stadiums are names that both come from the Greeks. Some of the track and field events we know today come from Greek tradition.  Events like the Marathon and the Decathlon have Greek names, though they weren’t specific Greek events. the Olympic games are probably the most popular and known contribution from the Greeks. In addition to this, Greece was the first civilization to use an alphabet. The Greeks adapted the Phoenician alphabet to write their language. After the Dark Ages, it was developed and contained 24 letters. Many letters we use in our modern alphabet originate from the Greek alphabet, including letters such as A, B, E, and O.Ancient Greek philosophers and mathematicians have made commitments to western civilizations. The Greeks were one of the first people to look deeper into another reason for things rather than religion being the explanation for the world’s beginning. This research sparked the creation of ethics and epistemology. Socrates accepted that an individual must inquire questions and look for to get it the world around them.  Aristotle studied plants, animals, and rocks. He formulated experiments to find out about the world we live in. Modern scientists do the same kind of thing. Plato, another famous Greek philosopher, founded the Academy in Athens which was the first institution of a higher education in the Western world. Hippocrates was a mathematician and a specialist. He made the Hippocratic oath. The oath states that Hippocrates will treat his patients using his best abilities to help them. This pledge is still utilized by specialists nowadays. Another Greek mathematician was Euclid. His thoughts were the beginning point of geometry. The ideas of these philosophers are all still used today. The Greeks also made a significant impact on science. For example, the Greeks formulated the theory that the sun is 300 times larger than the earth. Some famous scientists that were alive during this time were Aristarchus created the theory that the earth revolved around the sun instead of the earth being the center of the universe. There was also Hipparchus, who created a system to explain how all the planets and stars move. International trade became an important part of Ancient Greek economy and culture. The ancient Greeks were also dynamic travelers and traders looking for opportunities to exchange and establishing modern independent cities at the coast over the Mediterranean Ocean. By the seventh and sixth centuries B.C., Greek colonies, and settlements extended all the way from western Asia Minor to southern Italy, Sicily, North Africa, and to the coasts of southern France and Spain. The major Ionian cities along the coast of Asia Minor succeeded. They developed connections with other wealthy cities like Sardis in Lydia, which was ruled by King Croesus in the 6th century B.C. Without a doubt, by this time, the eastern Greeks controlled much of the Aegean Ocean and had built up cities to the north along the Black Sea. Specifically, this region opened up advance exchange associations to the north that gave access to raw materials, such as gold. Theatre was also a big part of Ancient Greek culture and plays became an important part of it. Two types of plays that the Greeks started writing were comedies and tragedies. Some of these plays are still being performed and read today. Sophocles is one of the most famous Greek playwrights. His plays, Oedipus the King and Antigone are performed and taught in school nowadays. In the play, Antigone, many Greek values were expressed which is also the purpose of most western civilization plays today. The some of ideas in comedies and tragedies are used in western civilization. A lot of famous playwrights that are alive today use greek ideas and many are inspired by the ancient Greek theatre traditions. In conclusion, the Ancient Greek civilization made the biggest impact on the world because after almost 3000 years the civilization fell, people are still using Ancient Greek theories and techniques. These ideas include the alphabet, sports such as the Olympics, theatre, international trade, and a multitude of science and math theories. They also contributed to the way people think because of the Greek philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates. Ancient Greek philosophy opened the doors to a specific way of thinking that contributed to the roots of the Western tradition. The Greeks also developed a government where the people choose a leader which is known today as a democracy.  Ancient Greece was definitely one of the most influential civilizations and they have contributed a lot of ideas to the world today.