There we can do something about it. Being wise

There are no permanent solutions in this problem but we can do
something about it. Being wise is enough to avoid the influence of politicians.
We have the capability to think and decide what we will do. We can do
everything if we want to but keep in mind we have the responsibility in all
actions we made.

Another problem is those people who implement and defend the law.
These people should be the one who gives justice to people but some of them are
under the influence of greedy officials. This is why I don’t fully trust them.
It’s not that I don’t believe to their capability to serve but the root of all
is money. They believe that if you have money, you are powerful. Money is
something that we just created to fill our needs. I am not saying that we don’t
need money because we really need it to survive in this generation. But using
money to control people? To control the justice system? Isn’t it unethical?
Don’t they have conscience that tell them the difference of right and wrong?

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Some of the public officials do not put all their assets in their
Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN) required by the BIR. This
financial statement is mostly used to determine if there is any unexplained
wealth that does not come from their salaries or businesses. Bureau of Internal
Revenue (BIR) must be strict more in collecting and auditing SALN of public
officials to prove that there are no dirty works happening. This solution will
not prevent corruption but it will provide transparency to all those
inquisitive people who want to know where they get the money from.

It all starts from the voters. In order for a running candidate to
win, he/she must gain more votes than his/her rivals. But of course, just like
corrupt officials, there are also corrupt voters. Vote buying and vote selling
are considered illegal and punishable by law. This usually happens when it is
the campaign period. As politicians go around, some of their money also travel
from hand to another hand. The dirty process happens. But some of the voters
are not aware of that law. So, in order to avoid this type of wrongdoing, the
government must deploy programs or seminars about vote selling and how will it
affect the country. If we look deeper, people who fell to the bait of
politicians will first be affected. Most of them are the ones who will
experienced corrupt and injustice programs held by the government. The government
must educate the voters to avoid this misconduct.

Luckily, the Philippines is not included in the top 10 most corrupt
countries in the world released by Transparency International. But the country
got a score of 36 for 2016 – zero means very corrupt and 100 means very clean-
which ranked us 101st out of 176 countries. Can we trust the current
administration to fight this issue? How can we and the government itself help
in order to stop this?

Every time I heard the word “corruption”, it seems like an ordinary
word for me. I feel like I am a veteran hearing that word. In my own
understanding, in simple terms, corruption occurs when an individual who has
power takes advantage on people. It is also the misuse of entrusted power given
by the people just to fulfill their personal desires. We already know that this
issue is like a disease, a communicable disease in which it already permeates
in the whole system. I am just giving my insight on what we can do in this
issue based on my researches. I can’t say that there is no solution to this
problem. But I can show ways on how to prevent this kind of misconduct.

Is really there a solution for a corrupt government? Solution to
those officials who used people’s money for their projects filled with
anomalies and for their personal interests? We can’t just believe the platforms
and promises of those greedy politicians. We can’t just fall to their
attractive bait.