Thesis: inclined to give the vote to Congress since

Thesis: The United States failed to join the League of Nations because of Wilson lack of personality, and the changes in America political traditions. Wilson has the complete opposite of Roosevelt he was a stubborn, intellectual being but he sufficed in having Roosevelt charismatic imagination. Wilson was a more vague and academic person. Wilson arrived with a plan already in motion after arriving at the White House he had a clear program that he planned on achieving. He was not one known to compromise with Lodge or any other Republican senators. Wilson after the end of World War I was the first president ever to go in person to Paris. Before leaving he urged the Senate and neglected to include Henry Cabot Lodge a senator to the official party. Lodge was a Ph.D. Harvard graduate and has the same intellectual equivalents to Wilson. he was known as the “scholar in politics” (685). During the reunion, the world organization of the national governments put forward by Wilson completion of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919. Although Wilson stood behind the League creation isolationists objectified to the decision of signing of the Treaty of Versailles (686).This treaty would work as the principle, for a collective security but the league vote for war required troops to be dispatched, so all countries had to send troops. Wilson was not inclined to give the vote to Congress since he knew that they were against the principle of the League of Nations and the collective security provision. Lodge was the opposing alongside Congress we had the final say before U.S. troops dispatched. After the war, many American wanted to return to the traditional role of isolation but Wilson had other ideas of being entangled with foreign affairs. Furthermore, American failed to join the League because Americans become more internationalist after the Spanish-American war, they also followed by Washington inaugural address stating they should not interfering foreign affairs. This explains too why America was is isolation and neutrality in the beginning of World War I. Nevertheless, it won’t be until the end of WWII that the U.S would take on major responsible into international affairs.