They which are completely different in relation to their

They basically could threaten Arthur with telling
their husbands the truth to hold some power over him and also hold power over their
husbands with their ability to keep a love affair going right under their roof.

Maybe women crave power so bad, that they think of love affairs as a way to regain
a little bit of control of their own lives.

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 On the other
hand, on the secret agent marriage seems
as a female ultimate goal. We can infer that women need to find a good husband
that can provide for them and their families. In the novel, we can see how
Winnie had to reject her chance at true love just to make her mother happy by
succumbing to the pressure of finding a man that can look out for her
financially. Verloc is described as not attractive at all, and even though
Winnie is said to be very attractive and young and is not attracted to him at
all, she has to ignore this and keep doing everything he wants. They do not
even care about how he makes his money. Even though he is lazy and he evens
jeopardized Stevie’s life, Winnie’s mother cared more about their financial
situation that she was willing to just put up with all that and force Winnie
into doing the same thing. It seems like Winnie hit a breaking point, in which
she realized that maybe the only way for her to free herself from an unhappy
marriage and to revenge her brother’s murder was by murdering Verloc.


Each author tells a story in their
own way and style, which is why it is so interesting to analyze how each one of
them approaches the personal struggles, beliefs, wishes and goals that the
characters of their novel have to face throughout the whole novel to develop a
story. The secret agent and Saturday night and Sunday morning are
two novels which are completely different in relation to their plot, characters
and themes. The secret agent focuses
on the life of Adolf Verloc, a secret agent for the government and owner of a
shop, who is also part of a crowd of anarchists who want to rebel against the
government and his wife Winnie who is only with him because she knows that he
is able to provide for her and for her whole family while on the other hand, Saturday night and Sunday morning focuses
on Arthur Seaton’s life. He is a hard worker during the day but after he is
done with his responsibilities he enjoys drinking a lot and being with
different women, specially married women. The novel takes the reader through a
journey about the consequences and repercussions that each one of his affair
has in both his life and in the women’s life and how due to all his
experiences, he ends up becoming a better man by the end of the novel. Even
though their plots differ a lot, there is still a lot of factors that overlap
between these two novels. This is why is so interesting to not just analyze a
singular novel but to also compare it to other works, which do not even need to
be related. Even with two literary works that are so different in many aspects,
such as in the different ways that the authors cover human’s problematics,
there is still a lot of similarities and aspect that are totally worth comparing.

Anarchy femininity, masculinity and relationships are just some of the aspects
that I focused on, but there is definitely a lot more that is worth reading
more into.  Sometimes by comparing two
works you are not only finding differences and similarities between them, but
you are getting a better grasp and understanding of each novel individually and
it also allows you to look at the novel from a different perspective.