This 64 items was used these items were General

This study was conducted between a group of 42 EFL teachers that
taught English at tenth grade of public and private high schools and institutes
such as Milad institute, Shokouh institute and Safir institute in Gorgan,
Golestan, Iran. Twenty one of them commented on Interchange 1 and 21 of them
commented on high school text book (Vision 1) and the questionnaire were
randomly distributed. The study was carried out during 2016 and 2017. For
finding the goal of the study, Al-Amri’s (2008) questionnaire by 12 categories (general
appearance, design and illustration, accompanying materials, objectives, topic
contents, language contents, social and cultural contexts, language skills,
teach ability, flexibility, teaching methods, practice and testing) and 64
items was used these items were  General
appearance that included 7 items, design and illustration with 7 items,
accompanying materials with 4 items, objectives with 10 items, topic contents
with 4 items, language contents with 4 items, social and cultural contexts with
4 items, language skills with 6 items, teach ability with 3 items, flexibility
with 4 items, teaching methods with 4 items and practice and testing with 7
items and some items were changed after discussing to modified them based on
Iranian’s context.

The project was explained to the
participants by phone, email and  by own
researcher some teachers had problem with some parts of the questionnaire which
described to them about different parts of 
the questionnaire to how they filled the questionnaire in appropriate
way and after getting agreement of 42 teachers to participate in this study the
questionnaire was given to them They were assured that the result kept
confidential and then, the participants took the main information that needed
for answered the questionnaire. The researchers asked them to answer the
questionnaire honestly. The needed time for answering the questionnaire was
about 60 minutes then the researcher gave them appropriate time to finish the
questionnaire. After collecting data, appropriate SPSS were used to find out
the results and these data were analyzed that show in the other parts of these

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