This fall back onto the general population as a

This was an interesting research topic. I cannot believe the
impact of something like sugar has on us and the U.S. For US consumers,
taxpayers and workers the cost of the policies outweigh all benefits of sugar.
It is estimated that US consumers and businesses pay an average of $3.5 to $4.5
Billion in higher costs all because of the government’s inflation of sugar

A new deal between U.S. and Mexico regarding sugar exports was just accepted.
Mexico is accepting a new minimum price for the sugar sold to the U.S. and is limiting
the amount of refined sugar it exports which will conserve high sugar prices
for domestic producers. This is being celebrated by U.S. Sugar cane and beet
farmers but is no good for other industries such as pop, processed foods, and sweets
industries as they have fought federal securities of domestic sugar. Per
states, “Today’s announcement is a bad deal for hardworking Americans and
exemplifies the worst form of colleague capitalism,” said the Coalition for
Sugar Reform — which represents Coca-Cola, Nestle, Kraft Heinz and hundreds of
other food companies — in an incendiary statement. U.S. sugar policy should
empower America’s food and beverage companies to create more jobs, not put
hundreds of thousands of good-paying U.S. jobs at risk just to benefit one
small interest group.”

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The sugar industry U.S. as a whole does not need to be putting ourselves in
a situation to lose more jobs here. We should be making every opportunity to
keep and create more job opportunities here. I don’t understand how government
could be the one to say for each specific job how much money per consumer is
required to pay to save any industry. Why would this fall back onto the general
population as a whole? With that said, I do not believe that the American
consumers should be expected to pay regularly to keep the sugar industry or any
industry for that matter protected.