This guiding question of the evaluation was whether or

This week I read the article titled, Evaluation of the Fun
With Books Program: An Interview With Katrina Bledsoe, by Jody L. Fitzpatrick
from the American Journal of Evaluation. For this paper, I have
been tasked with writing a cultural competence article review. This
article focuses on the issues related to various cultures that impact our
educational system. My article review will be guided by the application
exercise in the textbook. This article review will allow me to cite evidence
and concepts learned throughout this unit and related course readings up to
this point. 

The Fun with Book Program was created as an literacy program that
utilizes children’s literature and music to support the development of literacy
and school preparedness for young children. What is nice about this
program is the interactive nature of the program and how it is designed to work
within families. The programs implementation took place in Trenton, New Jersey
in a community with low-socio economic status. These types of environments tend
to lack parental involvement in their child’s education because in many
instances education is not a priority due to many different factors. Therefore,
the goals of this program were to encourage parents to read to their children
at home during the week, enhance parent and child interactions, and provide
activities that foster cognitive development (Fitzpatirck, 2007).

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The methodology utilized in this evaluation was theorized as
a nonexperimental pre-test/post-test (Fitzpatirck, 2007). The data obtained
covered approximately 31 children across 17 different families and 10 faculty
members and administrators (Fitzpatirck,
2007).  Various quantitative and
qualitative methods were utilized to gather data including
observations, interviews, surveys, video tapes, and focus groups (Fitzpatirck, 2007). The evaluative
approach that was taken utilized a mixed methods approach through
objectives-oriented approach and theory based evaluation (Fitzpatirck, 2007). 

The guiding question of the evaluation was whether or not the
program increased the occurrence of reading at home? Unfortunately, the
evaluation process was unable to answer that question as it was unable to
determine that in-home reading had increased over the long term, thus ruling
that the evaluations findings were inconclusive (Fitzpatirck, 2007). This process
highlighted the importance of cultural competence based on the fact that the
evaluators were unfamiliar with the community, regardless of race, the
evaluators needed to get to know and better understand the community in
which the evaluation was conducted in order better grasp the norms of the

At the conclusion of the evaluation recommendation were provided
on the program itself and the evaluation process. It was recommended that
better training cold have a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of the
program (Fitzpatirck, 2007).

It was also recommend that hosting and orientation program for families and
students would allow the program to be properly introduced and provide the
opportunity for questions and connections to be made (Fitzpatirck, 2007). The final
recommendation made was to divide the program up and gear it to specific age
groups allowing the program to be more flexible and specifically geared towards
students (Fitzpatirck, 2007).

To conclude this article review I think it is important to realize
that there is not a “one size fits all” approach to evaluating educational
programs. The reality is that evaluators may need to employ variety of approach
in an effort to best evaluate a program, its objectives, and goals. This
article highlight the importance of building relationship and working collaboratively
with parents demonstrating that communication plays a huge role in a program’s
success. The biggest thing that stood out to me after reading this article is
that conducing a culturally responsive evaluation can be a challenge and
many aspect must be taken into consideration to insure the evaluations