, this should be brought up to your immediate








Security Policy

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Security Policy





reason for the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy is to have only certain
individuals that have been with our company for a long time to have the
permission to bring their own device to the work environment. They must be a
permanent employee with our organization to have access to bring their own
device to the work place. They also need to have a security clearance of secret
and above. Only authorized sites can be accessed through our portal. There will
be no access to social media sites what so ever. BYOD means bringing in
anything such as a laptop, smart phone, or a tablet for official use only. It
is the responsibility of the CIO or COO to give the right access, so they can
bring their own device to work. The users of the BYOD devices are going to be
routinely checked to see if the status of their work and what must be done to
successfully complete the work in a timely manner.

procedures should be specifically and clearly designed to it can be easy to
understand. There will be guidelines in place to how and when these devices
should be used. The accessibility of the devices should be readily available
when someone needs it at a moments notice. If for some reason there is not
accessibility through a company’s wi-fi network, there would be a toll-free
number to reach our help desk and can address these concerns to whom it may
concern. They would then try to have this person online as soon as possible
with no delays involved. When there is a concern this should be brought up to your
immediate supervisor and then the supervisor would ask the next person inline.
This is through the chain of command structure and is going to be implemented
to the fullest intent.

regulation applies to all the workers that have a permanent position within our
company, and has a secret clearance. No one else should have access to their
own device. This will be implemented by the higher ups and should then be
clarified of these policies by briefing on how to access the websites but also
what website can and can not be accessed within AT’s corporate

Authorized Uses: This BYOD program is only for our
internal corporate AT&T employees only. There can not be anyone from an
outside agency such as a contractor for example, to have access to a BYOD
device when coming to work in our facilities. The company’s supervisors would
see to it that these guidelines are in place and enforce these rules fully of
the law. There is also going to be a protection of privacy in place to have
this information used for internal resources only. There should not be any
dissemination of information to any outside parties whatsoever.

There will be no use of such sites of which include pornography, gambling
sites, and social media sites. Anyone caught stealing company sponsored
equipment is not allowed and would be punishable by imprisonment or a fine or
both at the same time. The illegal use of the website for financial gain is
also prohibited and will not be tolerated at all. If there is a suspected criminal
activity such as stealing or using copyrighted material for financial gain
should be reported to their immediate supervisor. The supervisor would then
contact the local authorities of which would be able to handle the matter at
hand within the prescribed time possible and can be fair for those parties of
the involved.

POLICY REVIEW:  This policy should be revised every calendar
year. Whatever new guidelines that should come out should be there to protect
the member’s personal information in a way that essential information should
not be accessed illegally by an unknown party and used for malicious use. There
will also be an annual review of the policy by higher management. Then
management is going to approve disapprove the policy. This would be in reference
with how much of this security posture is correct and can be applicable to the
laws within AT&T corporate environment. The policy should be modified in
the proper manner. This will bring not only trust within our organization but
also maintain these policy to the highest standards of the SOP (Standard
Operating Procedure).

LIABILITY: This policy states that the individuals that have their
materials confiscated for any reason and use it for their well being would be
liable for their actions.