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This semester for my independent reading of english class I read The Selection, the first book of a 5 book series by Kiera Cass. The book is told in 1st person by the protagonist America Singer a young normal girl that is low class. America faces many challenges throughout the story and we can see the way she thinks and faces the challenges changes during the story. I enjoyed reading this book, it was one of the only books that I read because I wanted to, not because the teacher told me. I am writing this to encourage people to find a book that they like. The setting of the story is a place called illea that is supposed to be a part of the united states 300 years into the future. Illea is lead by a monarchy and is divided into 8 castes, being the ones the royals and eights the homeless and poor of illea. América is a five, so she lives in a small house with her two smaller siblings, they barely can afford food and use old and dirty clothes . As the story goes América moves to the royal palace that is very different from her house given that the people that live there are ones. Big gardens, many rooms, elegant clothes, expensive jewelry and delicious food, everything that she had dreamed was there. The setting in this story is very important because in the palace there are many rooms and every one of them is used for different purposes so just stepping out of a door can change everything. In the garden for example America can be free and be herself while in the women’s room, where the Queen is almost all the time, she has to behave properly. The main characters of the story are América singer, a lovely, kind but strong and ambitious lady. She has red hair, green eyes, pale skin and her motivation is to change the inequality between the castes. Maxon Schreave, polite, funny, challenging and the prince of illea. He has blonde hair, brown eyes, is very handsome and his motivation is to fall in love and get married. The antagonist of the story is the king, maxons dad, he is powerful, selfish, and its always in a bad mood. He does everything in his power to separate maxon and américa, and he is also the one responsible for the inequalities in the castes. Two secondary characters that are really important in the story are Aspen Leger and Marlee. Aspen has black hair, green eyes, he is very smart, kind and ambitious and he is also America’s first love. Marlee is america’s best friend, she is beautiful, polite, kind, very social and a great friend. As the story goes on America and Maxon get closer and closer while Maxon challenges her father in every decision he makes. The characters change throughout the story and face different situations that make them aware of their situation. The plot starts With a decision America has to take that will change her life. She was chosen to be one of the 35 selected woman to go to the palace and compete for the prince heart. She goes to the palace where she faces a lot of challenges with the girls, the rules, the king and the queen, she was a five and now she is a one so it was a drastic change. America goes to the palace only to support her family, but she was still in love with Aspen. The main conflict of the story is that while the girls are at the palace may rabel attacks happened where their lives were at risk, people did this because they were not happy with the monarchy and also Aspen showed up at the palace as a guard and América has to face him every day.As the story goes on Maxon falls in love with America but America is confused about where her feeling are, with Maxon or with Aspen. America turns out to be one of the six finalist of the selection “The Elites”. At the end of book one, America knows for sure that she loves Maxon but wants to wait a little longer until she is sure. The theme of the story is that if you want something you have to fight for it, no matter how hard it is. 2 ejemplos del el libro. The theme of the story relates a lot with me because I fight for the things I want every day, at school if I want a good grade I study and work hard and also at my dance classes, if I want to achieve something I train until I get it. I think that it is important to fight for what you want because nothing in life is easy, you face challenges in life every day and if you want to overcome them then you have to fight.