Through employees from different ethnic backgrounds and different cultures

          Through studying multiple literature reviews in certain sectors
around the world, we have concluded several things regarding Planning and Recruiting
Practices. Firstly, many organizations are still behind today’s fast-paced business
environment which has created a huge gap. It is said that workforce planning approaches
that focuses on traditional practices such as identifying, predicting and
modelling are being criticized as simple and outdated and not supporting to systematic
workforce planning resiliency (Naccarella & Wraight, 2016). Additionally, these
sectors are facing slow, inadequate and inexistence response to the systematic workforce
planning (Freyens, 2010).

Similarly, to recruiting
practices, organizations need to analyze the
demographic changes in order to succeed in the next coming years. It is
stated that these organizations need to incorporate nontraditional recruiting strategies
and to rethink and restructure to enable these organizations to retain and
attract talented employees from different ethnic backgrounds and different cultures
(Wiley, 1992).

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            Our research and analysis is
important as from the evidence above, we will be conducting a research based on
a Qatari organization called “Woqod”. That will help organizations in general to
benefit from as we have set couple of objective to achieve through this study:

To identifying the importance and
best practices of Human Resources Planning and Recruiting functions, according
to the literature reviews.

To understand and analyze Woqod state
and it’s needs.

To Evaluate the organization’s effectiveness
of achieving the two HR functions according to the best practices identified in
literature reviews.

To offer best recommendations for
the organization to help align its practices to our recommended approaches.