Throughout a Sunderland based scheme called ‘Walking for Health’

Throughout life I have always been fascinated with the body and the ways in which it functions. This fascination is what fuels my ambition to pursue a career in physiotherapy as it encompasses science, health and medicine which are all areas of specific interest to me. The variety in career paths that can be achieved and the practical nature of the career along with the ability to improve an individual’s standard of life and well-being is what draws me to physiotherapy.

This keen interest in interest science and the human body has led me to study Exercise, Health & Fitness. The in-depth modules such as physiology, anatomy, rehabilitation and exercise with special populations covered in this course along with the theoretical and practical methods of studying have provided me with what I feel is a very strong foundation for me to go on to study physiotherapy.

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When I find anything I am passionate about I find myself with the desire to constantly further my knowledge regarding the subject, I am excited by the opportunity to further improve my knowledge on areas such as the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system, neurology and rehabilitation.


During my second year of university I was able to observe the technicians working with a variety of patients many of whom had suffered from a stroke and use the specialised equipment to rehabilitate very specific movements. From this I was then able to work one to one with these patients using equipment such as a Primus-RS to continue their rehabilitation.  I have been in regular contact with multiple physiotherapists in order to allow me to gain a better insight into the roles, work ethic and opportunities that come with being a physiotherapist. Along with this I have spent countless hours reading and researching using information provided by professionals in this field to truly give myself an understanding of what it would be like to work as a physiotherapist.  Unfortunately to date I haven’t been able to shadow a physiotherapist in a clinical environment, however, I have arranged a multiple week shadowing that will commence mid-April.


Since 2016 I have volunteered with a Sunderland based scheme called ‘Walking for Health’ as a walk leader. These schemes provide weekly led walks for predominantly the elderly allowing them an opportunity to partake in structured exercise and socialise. I am proud to lead these walks as I am a big advocate of promoting both physical and mental wellbeing. Along with volunteering, in my spare time I enjoy bodybuilding and partaking in a variety of outdoor activities such as tennis and golf. Through my passion for fitness I decided to become a personal trainer and I am now qualified at level 3 allowing me to train a variety of clients in multiple ways, thus allowing me to help them to strive towards and reach their goals.In extended periods of free time I am extremely passionate about travelling and immersing myself in new cultures.


I am a very approachable individual and have the ability to communicate with anyone on any level. I am also compassionate and feel strongly the importance of caring for the vulnerable and giving them the opportunity to live healthy normal life. I feel that I can easily fit into any team I am a member of , but have the confidence in my own judgement to be equally comfortable  working on my own initiative. I am ambitious and determined to succeed. My commitment to my subject is total, and I believe I have the qualities and experiences I have previously stated have prepared me with the skills necessary to make a success of this Msc course.