Throughout I once feared has evolved into my solace,

Throughout my entire life, I stumbled over many challenges which shaped me to be the person I am today. When facing these challenges I found new ways and techniques of solving problems that helped constructing me positively. The factors that influenced  and shaped me consist of my skills and talents that I acquired  from my existence, people I’m surrounded by, and sciences I have learned. These factors affected me massively, and made me the unique individual I am currently.



Dancing is a marvelous method of communication. It is a form of artistry that excites and truly makes me feel alive. The dance studio I face could be its own art exhibit presenting dancers that conduct movement as swift as an artist stroke on an oil painting, and rhythms as poetic as an artist’s elaborate meaning behind a symbolic and distinct sculpture. When I first began dancing I was scared and hesitant; dancing isn’t quite the common artistry people convey in the Arab world. However, for 6 years, the studio I once feared has evolved into my solace, my escape, and my exploration for new heights. Taking notice of my friend’s choreography mesmerizes me. Watching their imagination–being portrayed so uniquely into their movements– inspires me to become a better dancer, and an overall better artist.

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My presence among people older than me had a subliminal impact on my thoughts and actions. Transitioning between childhood bickering at school to mature intellectual conversations at home seemed purely comical. The ability of a 10-year-old child finding common grounds with adults yet still having youthful enthusiasm developed a tsunami of curious contemplations in my mind. I was never really satisfied with the simple one-way answers, I always desire to know every detail and manner of everything I come across. The key to my ever-growing ambition is my mom who exceeded the expectation of an average Jordanian girl. Her passion and courage persistently inspire me to explore new intellectual abilities and to constantly continue to learn and try to exceed new borders.



Algebra has changed my perspective of life in a significant way. When I first began taking Algebra I struggled to say the least, but instead of continuing to become fearful of it , I implied algebraic expressions to my everyday life. I focused on how algebra can truly enlighten my mind in various ways. That realization has resulted in me falling in love with overcoming challenges and the adrenaline that came with it. The complexity began to excite and motivate me to embark on new challenges.



There are many different and beautiful varieties of intellect that result in a significant shape up of modern civilization. A result that produced such fearless inventors that took risks without letting the fear of failure shadow their judgment and true passion to start something new. That passion inspires me to continuously develop and expand my mind; it has also contributed to my eagerness to embrace new challenges and opportunities. I genuinely believe that YYGS program will fulfill my intellectual curiosity and will help me gain new perspectives.