To always willing to go the extra mile in

To Whom it
May Concern:It is with great pleasure
that I am writing this letter of recommendation for Aakgash Sivanandam. Based
on my experience with Aakgash from early 2016 on, I can say with certainty that
he is one of the most hardworking members – with whom I have had the
opportunity to work. He is particularly well prepared to dive into the
collegiate level, and it is clear to me that he has a very bright future ahead
of him. Aakgash joined us in  WHAT MONTHDID YOU JOIN  2016, and began his career as a Technical Executive.
Upon reviewing his performance and postivie demeanor, we shifted him into the
Business Development team. Aakgash was handling numerous major clients and was
in-charge of many projects – and was able to effectively apply new
technicalities mixed with theoritical technicalities that he had prviously
learned. Aakgash is very mature
for his age and he advances his work with an astute sense of objectivity. He evolves
from constructive criticism well and is always willing to go the extra mile in
order to take his work to the highest level of formal and technical refinement.
I have been impressed by Aakgash’s ability to couple his attention to detail
with a broader systematic focus that allows him to consider how effectively his
projects function as a whole.While
Aakgash is a relatively junior member of our organization as measured by his tenure,
he quickly established himself as a go-to person in the realms in which he has
worked. He has been ever-willing to work with members of our organization to
share his knowledge and expertise, most notably as a presenter for
presentations on product functions.Aakgash Sivanandam is
a cherished member of our organization whom we have learned we can rely on,
regardless of the difficulty of the task to hand or the novelty of the
challenge. His combination of acumen, commitment, dedication, creativity, and a
compassionate character will certainly make him a prized member of any academic
program.I encourage you to
look favourably upon his application.Sincerely,Ketan ShahManaging
India Pvt. Ltd.
M: +91 9620209020
E: [email protected]