To each individual. foster their independence and encourage their

To Whom It May Concern,


As a recent graduate of the Post Graduate Diploma of
Education in Early Childhood Education from Hong Kong Baptist University, I am
eager to be given the opportunity to apply both my professional knowledge and
practical classroom experience at Malvern College.

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I strongly believe that in the early years, children create
their own learning journey by discovering through play. As educators, fostering
successful learning environments, both at home and at school, rely on exposing
children to a variety of learning tools. It is important to me that my students
have access to age appropriate resources that cultivate curiosity, motivate
them to take action and develop relationships with one another in order to
ultimately empower them to take responsibility for their own learning.


I feel it is important for children to have a sense of
security in the classroom by providing routine and consistent guidance.



I believe that respectful bonds with children and their
families make the foundation for a positive early childhood experience
students. I strive to have upmost respect and love for all the children I


 As a teacher, conducting
a range of effective assessments on an on-going basis is crucial to allow
students to demonstrate their learning progress while taking into consideration
their variety of learning styles and abilities. Furthermore, I take time to
apply reflective practice on my lessons to ensure that I am planning with
purpose to meet the needs of each individual.




foster their independence and
encourage their love of learning


            What I
aspire to be as an early childhood educator is not only helping children learn
fundamental skills but getting them excited to explore new things and learning
through interactive activities giving them a life long love of learning.  This is my goal with every child I teach. I
try to engage students through fun, exciting activities because I believe that
if children aren’t having fun then they aren’t learning to their greatest
potential.  It is my job to help them
find their particular path by giving them opportunities to fit their individual
abilities. With every opportunity, keeping the interests of the child ahead of
everything else is what I hope for all aspects of my career in early childhood



A key factor in my pursuit for a new position lays heavily
in finding a school that is committed to providing regular and relevant
professional development for their staff. I am highly motivated to continue on
my own learning journey to ensure that I reflect on my pedagogy in order to
continue to successfully foster lifelong learners.


I am confident that my teaching philosophy would align with
the professional learning goals and frameworks implemented at Malvern.

Furthermore, I am excited to potentially join a school community that would
truly be a challenging, yet engaging work environment with like-minded
individuals to reach my professional goals as an educator.


With my experience and drive, I am well prepared to bring a
positive and creative energy to your school. I look forward to hearing from you
in the near future.