? to spare for the last one (10 m).

? SHF-offers tracking for smaller objects and precison data (frequencyes between 3GHz-30GHz)Syzygy will be connected to the U.S. Space Surveillance Network which monitors a vast area of space, and in case any object is detected our colony will pe notified and the offensive system will be prepared.3.6. The landing areaFigure 16: Transversal section of the landing areaThe landing area is the most important module in terms of logistics. This module represents the bridge between Syzygy, Earth and any other part of the Solar System that will be explored in the future. Also called Ground 0, it will be situated in the middle of the settlement, right on the segment of the C.A that links the two habitats. Having a width of 25 m and a radius 10 m longer than the one of the habitats, it will consist of 8 landing docks for manned space crafts and another 8 docks for unmanned vehicles, such as the drones used in our SDMPCR program.  39Every docking port will consist of an androgynous docking system that has an identical interface both for spacecraft and landing area. This system allows us to reverse the roles of spaceships if needed and enhance the mission level that two spaceships can accomplish.Every docking consists in two main sequences: a soft docking and a hard one. Usually a spacecraft initiates the soft docking first and if the chamber of the approaching vehicle and the chamber of the area attempting to dock are both pressurized then the hard docking is proceeded and the docking process is completed. In order to open the connection between the paired vehicles, a hatch is opened and cargo or people can be transported in and out the docked spaceship.To prevent overcrowding of cargo and personnel, G.0 will present four concentrical corridors that link all the other tunnels coming from the docking areas. Three of the tunnels will have a height of 30 m leaving room to spare for the last one (10 m). Also, at the level of the C.A, a train station will be built to ease the transportation of incoming cargo.4. Internal structure4.1. Central AxisThe Central Axis (C.A) is the most important way of transit throughout the entire settlement. It has a microgravity environment, because of the cylindrical shape we chose when building Syzygy. Due to the chosen shape, gravity decreases as you approach the center of the cylinder, but we transformed this inconvenience into an advantage, as it makes transporting cargo becoming very easy.There are 6 segments of the C.A which are exposed to the outer space, each one having a length of 25 m, excluding the segment that links Nova and Corona (75 m). The diameter of the axis is 20 m, allowing us to split it into two separate tunnels:?oThe cargo tunnel (3m high)the cargo will be transported by trains powered by electrical impulse (similar to the Maglev technology used by Shinkansen trains in Japan). There will be a train for each direction and these trains will have a width of 2,5m and a height of 3m (2 trains). Each one of them will be connected to an over head beam. This beam will conduct 40?othe electrical impulse generated by a generator (two generators, one on each end of the C.A). Because we have 7 modules on our settlement, there will be 7 stops on each direction (at the level of the commom areas in the case of 1.a and 1.b modules), so in total 14 stops for both ways. The train will decelerate using pallets that will come into contact with the beam to create enough friction to come to a full stop.Human Transport Tunnel (3m heigh)the same system will be used to transport the inhabitants but with modified trains to accomodate the people’s needSpecifications:o 3m higho total number of carts: 6o total length: 36mo total number of chairs per cart: 72o total capacity of one train: 72*6 = 432 peopleo total capacity of both trains: 864 peopleo a total of 14 stops will serve for the people’s tunnelThe trains will be built out of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP), because of its light weight and outstanding mechanical resistance. The beam will consist of a lot of copper wires, because of their capacity to conduct electricity very efficiently.Because the C.A has a microgravity environment, it’s difficult for people to make the transition between 6th level and the center. Because of that we came up with the idea to build a wall inside every stop (7 m high), to guide those entering the C.A. They will enter using a moving sidewalk that will start its movement when the opening in the tunnel’s wall will be aligned with the entrance, also the sidewalk will immediately stop and wait for another opening (approximately 10 seconds). This wall reduces the radius of the C.A at the station level by 7 m.