To will help to improve the trainer in fundamental


To implement the strategy
of producing the new electric vehicles model, there must be someone who has the
knowledgeable and expertise which has ability to
understand mechanical concepts and processes easily, as well as use equipment
and tools in the profession. The engineer is the importance role in providing a
set of plan to make sure the system is well operating and they must be able to think of new systems and new ways
to work. In order to enhance their knowledge and skill, Produce could provide training programme by sending group of
elite company’s engineers to overseas for advanced study. There are
several universities such as University of California in Berkeley and
University of Michigan. Both universities is rank of top 10 engineering school
in the world, they will provide the skill such as

During the training period, the engineering will be educated in problem
solving, and that means finding new ways to apply existing knowledge. This will
help to improve the trainer in fundamental
understanding, work with problem solving and motivate the creativity mind.

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Besides, trainer will be educated some computer modeling skill in school. Computer
modeling is the creation and use of computer models to run simulations of
complex systems. For example, the university will form the project team among
the trainer to building the things such as formula one cars, dune buggies,
satellites, robotic arms, etc so they can learn various type of software tools and understand electronics
and software.

Engineering is very technical and relies on concise and accurate communication
among colleagues. Sometimes, they have to communicate with people outside of
the field, such as clients and sometimes the general public, who do not have
technical background. It is important that they must improve in translating their
specialized knowledge to others people.



Second, Perodua will spend the cost to hire
the researcher to do the study of
others automobile industry and gather
the information about the electronic car. The study will be focusing more on the automobile industry that develop the
electric car such as Mercedes which substitute with product. Recently, Mercedes
develop the brand new Mercedes-Benz Electric Cars. It attracts many consumers’
eyeball because of the design, good acceleration, quiet, stylish interior and
nice slate of options. The reason to conduct the study is because we can learn
their strength and weakness, to get
maximum and efficient outputs, such as comparison techniques of Mercedes and tries to go beyond them to get the intention
of target customer. The study must include the company background, problem
statement and also research framework to come out some questions such as


Are their electric car’s prices

Are their electric
car’s has
higher quality?Is their customer service
highly regarded?Is their marketing material
more engaging?


Follow the questions
above to recognized the problem, find out the information and collect the data
and solve the problems. In terms of price, the researcher found that the
selling price of Mercedes-Benz Electric Cars
is 40,895$ which equals to RM 160,960.97. It is not affordable for everyone to
purchase, Perodua may learn from their weakness and come out the electric car
with economic price that can attract the people from middle high level income
to high income level to purchase.





but not least, Perodua will implement the strategy by conducting the professional
marketing research such as focus groups and questionnaires that provided with
valuable information about your competition. Market research consists of
systematically gathering data about people or companies and then analyzing it
to better understand what that group of people needs.


results of market research, which are usually summarized in a report, are then
used to help Perodua to make more informed decisions about the company’s strategies,
operations, and potential customer base. The market research can help us to understand our
customers and their preferences towards the electric cars.
Besides, it help us to identify the opportunities to grow
and increase profits for example, our opportunity is we can promote our cars to
others countries Recognize and plan for industry and economic shifts and Monitor
the competition in your market. There are two market research methods we will
use to collect the data.


Primary research is original information gathered through
passing the survey form to respond to a specific question or set of questions.
This information is normally gathered through surveys, observation, or
experimentation. Secondary research exploits existing resources like company
records, surveys, research studies and books and applies the information to
answer the question at hand. For example we can
examine sales receipts to find trends in the demand for electric car. Thus,
Compiling complaints can be a determine areas for improvement in customer
service, prices or products quality.