Top have written these books in their own perspectives,

Top 10 Books on The Rwandan GenocideA. INTRODUCTIONRwandan genocide refers to the brutal episode of mass killing of about 80,000 people, typically of the Tutsi minority, by the Hutu majority of Rwandan government that sustained from April to July 1994, in an estimated 100 days. Mass killings were implemented in an attempt to eradicate all the Tutsi minority people.This resulted in a loss of almost 70% of the total Tutsi population. This inhuman manslaughter of the Rwandans ended with the Tutsi Patriotic Front (RPF) rescuing over 600 of its troops.  It is believed that the people were killed using machetes. Such gruesome form of killings being adopted itself is almost enough to explain us the situation those people went through, whilst the ladies being raped and spreading of HIV through sexual transmission. The aftermath was terrific and took time to be back to normal, but the Rwandans didn’t give up and eventually won.B. LIST OF BOOKSThe below books are enough to get completely familiar with the happenings that people were endured when the genocide happened, and how the events unfolded in history and about the three months that the genocide lasted. Different authors have written these books in their own perspectives, each of them trying to cover a detailed description of the events that have occurred at the time of the massacre, and also those events that led to these mass killings/ genocide.Here is a list of top 10 books written on The Rwandan Genocide that covers the whole episode.#1 We Wish To Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our       Families (ISBN 978-0312243357)a. Synopsis: An international award-winning book based on The Rwandan    genocide massacre, this book is more than a great piece of journalism, and was written by Philip Gourevitch, as an account to the actual happenings in those 100 days, based on interviews of the survivors. It mainly focuses on the aftermath of the genocide, and the sheer scale of horrors they had to face.b. Read it for: In-depth detail of the accounts of the survivors and the horrors they have lived through.c. Don’t read it for: A very realistic book that contains triggers.d. It stands out for: Its depiction of emotion and impeccable writing.#2 Protection against Genocide: Mission Impossible? (ISBN 978-0275965167)a. Synopsis: It is a book inspired by the Rwandan genocide tragedy, and a group of contributors has together raised the importance of responding to this extremely tough challenge of genocide protection.b. Read it for: It highlights multiple issues that should be addressed in order to eradicate genocide.c. Don’t read it for: It has multiple point-of-views which may sound confusing.d. It stands out for: It boldly raises its voice to talk about the mistakes the government does and its dire consequences and how to overcome them. It is also a national award-winning book.#3 When Victims Become Killers: Colonialism, Nativism, and the Genocide in Rwanda. (ISBN 978-0691102801)a. Synopsis: It is a book that describes the Rwandan tragedy and the author’s personal thoughts on this issue.b. Read it for: It is a well-described narration of author’s views on the Rwandan genocide. The author details all details relevant to this episode in a fragile yet connecting manner that immediately grasps the reader’s attention.c. Don’t read it for: It briefly describes even the gruesome details of the genocide.d. It stands out for: The bold and natural style of expressing views on the genocide makes this book stand out from the rest.#4 Rwanda: As We Forgive: Stories of Reconciliation from Rwanda (ISBN 978-0310287308)a. Synopsis: Inspired by an award-winning film of the same name, this book describes the nightmares one would face when told that their neighborhood has a killer on the loose and that they might be its next target.b. Read it for: Its realistic description of the sufferings and the turmoil the Rwandans underwent at the time of the genocide are beautifully detailed and described so that the reader connects easily and understands what happened at the time of the genocide.c. Don’t read it for: This book depicts the realistic terrors that may prompt people.d. It stands out for: Its description and retelling of the genocide massacre.#5 Sacrifice as Terror: The Rwandan Genocide of 1994 (ISBN 978-1859732786)a. Synopsis: In this book, the author attempts to understand killings that occurred in the Rwandan genocide and the consequences and impact of this episode in history.b. Read it for: The in-depth description of the views of the author on the killings of this infamous genocide.c. Don’t read it for: it has wacky examples of the violent acts committed in the genocide, and description of how the women were tortured by rapes and assaults.d. It stands out for: Its bold representation and proper examples.#6 The Specter of Genocide: Mass Murder in Historical Perspective (ISBN 978-0521527507)a. Synopsis: It is a comprehensive collection of essays that puts light on the history of genocides the world has seen including the Rwandan genocide.b. Read it for: A detailed understanding of genocide and their occurrences around the world.c. Don’t read it for: slow and briefly described.d. It stands out for: The history of all the episodes of genocides around the world is collected in this single book and described creatively.#7 Rwanda: Death, Despair, and Defiance (ISBN 978-1899477036)a. Synopsis: The author briefly describes the events that occurred before and after the infamous genocide that took place for 3 months.b. Read it for: All details of the genocide and the rebels.c. Don’t read it for: a bit confusing and interesting details.d. It stands out for: Its style of description and on point pace.#8 Rwanda: Background to Genocide. (ISBN 978-0231104081)a. Synopsis: It describes the detailed account of events in the order they occurs at the time of Rwandan genocide.b. Read it for: clear and easy understanding. Described smoothly.c. Don’t read it for: slow, although it picks up speed in the later chapters.d. It stands out for: Its impeccable description of the events and details that easily grasps the reader’s attention.#9 Leave None to Tell the Story: Genocide in Rwanda. (ISBN 978-1564321718)a. Synopsis: Another blockbuster book that details the ill doings of the Hutu extremists and the reasons that led to the Rwandan genocide.b. Read it for: it describes the genocide in a different perspective.c. Don’t read it for: It is written in as the author’s views that may not go down well with some people.d. It stands out for: Its unique description of the occurrence of the genocide and related events.#10 A Century of Genocide: Critical Essays and Eyewitness Accounts (ISBN 978-0415871921)a. Synopsis: It is a collection of essays and the reviews taken from people who have witnessed the infamous genocide.b. Read it for: A collection of different people’s perspectives and descriptions about the genocide.c. Don’t read it for: it might be puzzling.d. It stands out for: Varied point of views on the genocide that has the reader see various flavors of the accounts of the genocide.