Tragedy Contemporary American views differ greatly from these opinions

Tragedy of Julius Caesar: Brought Down by His Aspirant Ways1) In the time of Julius Caesar, the Roman attitudes on suicide were much different than most views. They did not believe it was considered a sin or wrongdoing. To them, suicide was even looked at as reasonable and acceptable. Contemporary American views differ greatly from these opinions held by the Romans. Today, suicide is considered a tragedy. Some religions consider suicide a sin. It is hard for most to understand the pain a person must have been going through to take their life. In all, suicide is viewed very differently nowadays.2) I believe that people can control their future to a great extent. Even when events happen that a person may not be able to control, they still have the ability to control their response. For instance, if a person were put in a very unfortunate situation, they could mope around and feel sorry for themselves. However, that person could also use it as a motivation and rise above it. Although there may be limitations to what we can control, we have the capability to make the most of the situation. I do not consider myself an overly superstitious person. As a child, I may have worn my pajamas inside out and put a spoon under my pillow in hopes of a snow day, however I never truly believed it would result in a snow day. I think it was just more of a fun thing to do for me. That’s how I would say I am with all superstitious activities. I don’t believe wearing a special pair of socks will help me do well on a test. To me that’s just nonsense; but i’ll admit, sometimes it’s fun to imagine.3) In the time of Julius Caesar, Rome had become a republic. For most of Caesar’s life, consuls held most of the power in the government. This power was given to them due to their wealth in society. The Senate gave advice to these consuls, who were two people elected by citizens to govern Rome fo a year, on policy decisions laws. Even when Rome was ruled by an emperor, the Senate still gave the Emperor advice. Senators were not able to start as senators. First, they began as magistrates who were also elected by citizens of Rome. Magistrates were in charge of  Rome’s finances and keeping law and order. When they retired, they became part of the Senate and stayed there for life. Overall, the consuls and the senate had a great amount of power for a majority of Caesar’s life.4) For years, Rome’s government was made up of the Senate along with other people that the citizens had elected. During this time, Rome had become one of the greatest powers in the world. Julius Caesar began to threaten this. He wanted total control of Europe for himself. People were comfortable with the government that existed before and they didn’t want changes. In March, Caesar was meant to fight in a battle and he ordered men in his army to take charge of the Empire while he was gone. The Senators, already disliking Caesar, were angered by his commands and began to plot against Caesar. During their next Senate meeting, where Caesar gave a speech about why he believes in a one-man ruling, they attacked Ceasar with knives and stabbed him to death.