Trend buyers, and company owners are important for the

Trend refers to the general direction of what is popular at a certain moment. A trend can reflect the current social events, what people care about at a certain time period, politic, economic, pop culture, entertainment industry, and more. In the fashion industry, understanding the customer behaviours and acquiring information that help predicts the trend are important for the market to achieve better sells. Trends enable us to understand the needs and desires of the market, elements such as colours, patterns, design theme, graphics, fabrication, and silhouettes are crucial for fashion business analyst to cater to the audiences.
As trend is an essential element in fashion, fashion business analysts must utilise the knowledge of fashion designs and history with the consumer research and business information to provide insight visions of the fashion future effectively. Fashion business analysts gather information from the designers, new designers, media, the couture collections, entertainment industry, manufacturing, retail trends, fashion history, and influencers to determine what the upcoming look, silhouettes, colours and fabrics will be. Fashion business analysts will also research the about customers’ behaviour, the purchase, lifestyle trend, travel and communicate with the designers, buyers, and the company owners. The fashion business analysts will uncover customer patterns and provide data for the market as guidance. Moreover, social media, influencers, and bloggers also play a crucial role in fashion as well. 

Nowadays, not only the communications between the designers, buyers, and company owners are important for the fashion business analyst to gather information regards to the fashion trend, social media, blogs and YouTube video can also generate particular styles and trends in the industry. The convenient accessibility of the social media today becomes an important influence to fashion especially in fast fashion. As in fast fashion, the trend cycle tends to be shorter in life-cycle, the rise of fast fashion retailers and online shopping on websites such as ASOS, Topshop, or Boohoo becomes another important aspect in collecting data from fashion trend.Furthermore, social media has become one of the tools for spreading the trends, major fashion houses, and fashion publications use platforms such as Instagram to reach the audiences more efficiently today. Therefore, social media platforms provide informative details and data for the fashion business analysts to understand the general direction and tendency of fashion trends. 

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