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Veterinarian’s play an important role with pets and other exotic animals. They provide medical analysis to treat and diagnosis animals and also give vaccinations to help prevent diseases. The daily duties of a veterinarian vary from performing surgery to doing blood tests or x-rays. Veterinarians also have some good benefits such as 2-4 weeks of paid vacation and there is a high demand for veterinarians. With all these benefits there are still some hazards that come along with the job such as injuries caused by animals and exposure to chemicals. Even with all these hazards becoming a veterinarian is worth it. A shockingly exciting career choice is choosing to be a veterinarian because of the high salary, great location choices, and an elite education. When a person becomes a veterinarian one has many nice places to live and also one can live anywhere in the United States and find a job. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it states that veterinarians mostly can work anywhere where there is a private clinic, hospitals, farms, or laboratories. This proves that you will be able to find work almost anywhere and will be able to have a wide variety of different work environments. There are also a lot of jobs available for veterinarians. “Veterinarians hold about 76,600 jobs” (Summary 1). This quote shows that veterinarians have many job opportunities and with the number growing to this day. To get the opportunity live and work in these places one must have a great education which takes a while to get.The education that it takes to become a veterinarian is the best of the best but it is a long process. The colleges that offer veterinary programs are some of the best schools in the nation such as the University of California Davis. The University of California Davis is considered the best school for veterinary medicine because of their various programs such as their biological science program. The acceptance rate for University of California Davis is 42.3% and there is a lot of special requirements for their Biological Sciences Major. The requirements are beginning ones studies with  foundation courses in biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics, followed by in depth coursework that spans the many biology disciplines. Students who want a bachelor of science degree will take harder and more advanced courses and can choose from areas of interest such as animal behavior, bioinformatics, marine biology, forensics and microbiology. The university of California Davis provides an amazing preparation for a variety of careers and their biological sciences program gives you access to the best faculty, outstanding internship opportunities and great laboratory resources. Another amazing school choice for veterinarians is Cornell University in New York which has more options for veterinarians than University of California, Davis. Cornell has specialties in biological sciences and chemistry and even though Cornell has more programs than most it is only the second best school for future veterinarians that want to major in chemistry or biological sciences. The programs are hard to get in with only a 14.1% acceptance rate. The requirements for Cornell Universities biological sciences are that students must take a set of six courses in the core areas of biology. Once these are complete one has meet the first requirement: Introductory Biology. After this is completed one may apply to a veterinary school and must take three additional core courses, Introduction to Evolution and Diversity, Genetics and Genomics, and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Two of the courses should be taken freshman or sophomore year and the other two sophomore or junior year. No core courses should be taken senior year and additionally, majors select one of 14 concentrations. A concentration provides students with the chance to specialize in a particular biological discipline or take a higher level course from different areas in biology.One reason why becoming a veterinarian is worth it is the high salary one gets per year. “In general, vets can earn between $52,000 and $161,000 a year. The median salary for all vets is around $89,000 a year” (Welcome 1). This quote from career cruising shows that whether one is an entry level or senior level you have a great income. This salary is great for a life job and will help you if one plan to have a family one day. A reason why this salary is good is because in Palm Coast, Florida veterinarians can afford the cost of living in an apartment that cost $27,384 a year with an entry level salary of $52,000. For instance, Palm Coast Florida is considered the best place for a veterinarian to work and live (Best 1). This shows that one can start out in the best city for ones work and be able to afford an apartment there. Even though the education process is long becoming a veterinarian is worth it.  Becoming a veterinarian is a long process but it is worth it due to the great salary, awesome locations, and a great education available from some top notch schools. When one becomes a veterinarian one is signing up for a very demanding job but also a very rewarding job in the long run. The job has many benefits that come along with some hazards but in the end it’s a perfect job for people who love animals and want to have a great high paying job.   Work Cited”Biological Sciences Major.” Courses of Study, January 24, 2018″Biological Sciences Major.” UC Davis, 13 Dec. 2017, January 24, 2018″CollegeGrad.” Jobs, Career, Salary and Education Information –, January 24, 2018Pen, Ting. “Best Cities for Veterinarians.” ValuePenguin, ValuePenguin, 20 Oct. 2016, January 24, 2018 “Summary.” U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, January 24, 2018. “Welcome to Career Cruising 2.0.” Career Cruising, January 24, 2018