We to be followed when having a verbal or

We had a few unfortunate situations occur last week during a company party involving interactions between several members of our staff and company clients. It is essential that every staff member be aware of how we may be perceived when talking to clients, co-workers, and peers in these types of situations. 
We must all be aware of how we are communicating verbally by watching our tone of voice, making sure we are using the right type of language for the situation, and what kind of information we are talking about. In addition to watching what we say and how we say it, we must also be cautious of how our body language is communicating non-verbally as well. For instance if we are speaking with a client and our arms are crossed, this may send a message to our clients that we may be impatient or upset. Another instance may be a situation where we are discussing a subject that requires a high level of self confidence, but we spend the time fidgeting our fingers or biting our nails. We may be saying all of the right things, but that type of body language conveys an image of self doubt and nervousness. Being unaware of ones use of verbal and nonverbal communication can lead to misunderstandings and in some cases conflict (Verbal v.s Non-Verbal Communication 
As of January, 22, 2018, the following guidelines are to be followed when having a verbal or nonverbal communication while in the workplace, or representing the company.
1. Language. When speaking to business clients be sure to use appropriate business language. Refrain from using slang or shorthand as it may lead to an unprofessional image for both you and the company.
2. Tone. Use the appropriate tone for the given situation. When speaking with clients please use a calm confident tone and refrain from using words such as “hmm,” “like,” and “umm”. 
Your help and understanding in putting these actions into effect is pivotal. It is important that all communication is done in a professional and business like manner. Feel free to reach out to me at (650) 555-0000 with any questions for concerns regarding the matter.