Wearable application for monitoring and tracking fitness related metrics

technologies are wearable devices that tracks information, collects data and
gets connected to the internet, enabling data to be exchanged between a network
and device. These devices are now used as health and fitness trackers, smart
watches, smart glasses etc. These gadgets can be worn on the body as implants
or accessories. (Mclellan, jan 10, 2013)

rapid development of wearable technology in recent years has made mankind’s
dream come true. These gadgets are equipped with microchips, sensors and
wireless communication capabilities. They help people achieve goals such as
staying fit, active, losing weight, being more organized and health conscious
by recording data and showing user it’s progress. (Khoa, 2015)

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Current scenario of wearable technology


the wearable devices are featured with smart sensors, web connection,
Bluetooth, accelerometer, altimeter (measures altitude), bpm (beats per
minute), Augmented reality, FOV(field of view), IPXX(An official way of testing
how water resistant, waterproof or dust resistant a wearable is),
latency(Latency is the time delay between the gamer hitting the controller or
moving their head and the action being rendered on the screen), cadence,
calorie denial (measures calorie of body), glucose monitoring, GPS (Global
Positioning System), Android wear 2.0(The second version of Google’s operating
system), heart rate monitoring, etc. and many more.

features help to enhance user’s experience because these devices deliver
relevant, context-sensitive, information to help user make better task-oriented
decisions in real world. (Charara, june 6, 2017)




2.1 Classification of wearable smart devices


Wearable devices can be
classified into following types based on their appearances:

Health and fitness trackers

Smart watches

Smart glasses

Others (Bluetooth earplugs, Smart
T-shirts, Smart shoes etc.)


2.1.1 Health and fitness trackers

trackers is a wearable device or application for monitoring and tracking
fitness related metrics such as distance walked, calorie consumption,
heartbeat, sleep record etc. (Khoa, 2015)

devices have been more like fashion then a medical need. The person who should
include to have one of these are patients suffering from high or low blood
pressure to get continuous data of heart rate. Athletes can use this to track
body’s parameter during extreme training sessions. People suffering from
diabetes can use this to count the amount of calorie consumed per day. This
also helps to track sleep for people suffering from sleep disorder. (Lashkari, Oct
11, 2016)

fitness trackers are beneficial for setting goals such as meeting a basic
regular activity goal such as burning certain amount of calorie per day,
drinking a set number of glasses of water per day etc. it shows individual how
much goal has met and helps to progress further. (Lashkari, Aug
3, 2017)





2.1.2 Smart watches

watches are wearable devices designed to be worn on the wrist featured with
touchscreens, support apps, network and fitness tracking.

things smart watches do are:

Apps: now smart watches from google or
apple supports variety of apps. For example, the apple watch will launch an
Uber app letting you call a cab from your wrist.

Answers message by voice: Google’s android
wear operating system and smart watches from LG lets you reply text by voice
messages. (Silbert, July 15, 2017)

Simpler navigation: just by swiping or
touching for long time can launch features like viewing notification, Google
Assistant or different apps.

More sensors option: Now the smart watches
are featured with sensors like Wi-Fi, LTE, GPS, pedometer, heart rate
monitoring, internet connectivity etc. (Bohn, Feb 8, 2017)




2.1.3 Smart glasses

glasses are wearable computer glasses that can change their optical properties
at runtime. These devices have capabilities of reflecting projected digital
images as well as allowing user to see through it or see better with it. (Friedman, May
24, 2016)

 Nowadays, glasses are not only used for eye
diseases or luxury fashion accessories but also can be turned into smart
devices which can provide information, notifications, entertainment and special
point of view such as virtual reality space in three-dimension (3D) mode. Some
smart glasses are phone dependent (Samsung VR gear) that needs to cooperate
with smart phones to create virtual reality images or videos. (Khoa, 2015)





2.1.4 Others


are real time language translator. These devices also add augmented audio and
has noise cancelling systems allowing user clarity of hearing. They also
contain AI assistant like Siri, Cortana etc. (Anon., January 3, 2017)

Smart clothes

clothes like Polar Team Pro can track heart rate, GPS, and motion. These
devices help in real time broadcasting of live training letting athletes and
coaches monitor conditions and fitness levels.

Smart Shoes

is a smart shoe that measures the distance, time and monitors running styles.
It contains three textile pressure sensors which measures the pressure placed
on foot while running. It helps setting new training goals. (Sawh,
September 26, 2017)























Current scenario of the country


has become the first Nepali brand to venture in the smart watch segment. CG
mobiles has launched a prototype smartwatch named “iWear”. This device can be
paired with devices having Bluetooth feature and can track sleep and fitness
records. It also alerts users notification from Facebook, Gmail besides phone
call and messages. Tech gadget reviewers and experts argues smart watch segment
to be totally niche segment in Nepal. These gadgets are represented as a symbol
of luxury rather than productivity. Nepal is not yet ready for smartwatches or
other innovative wearables because of issues like web connectivity,
affordability, and usage.  As per the
current scenario online marketplaces like Nepbay, Hamrobazzar, and kaymu are
selling such gadgets.  (Rijal, : 08-04-2016 )

brand Huwai launched TalkBand B2 activity tracker which costs nineteen thousand
rupees at domestic market whereas other Nepali brands like Nepa Hima Trade
(authorized distributor of Sony) also launched wristbands. B2 has 6-axis motion
sensor that can automatically identify what sort of exercise you are doing and
helps to improve fitness performance. However big tech companies like Samsung
and Apple has not given priority of wearables in Nepal. (Bashyal, Jul
20, 2015)

youths have also brought an innovative idea. In events by Microsoft Echo
innovators were introduced. It is a device for livestock that monitors vital
signs of animals like FitBit does for human. These devices were made for saving
herds by constantly monitoring their health.  





     4.1 Idea


The wearables can be implemented on
hurdles, marathon and race players of national team of Nepal. These devices can
help athletes for core training and improving performance. It broadcast real
time data about health conditions, steps, motion, pelvis structure etc. and the
real time coach with customized training sessions can be helpful for athletes.
For athlete sleep is very important and they must make sure that they have a
sound sleep before any important match. This device can track sleep.


Plan of implementation


implement this to athletes following devices are required:

a.       Lumo

This device is worn by clipping it on back
of running shorts and it measures:

Cadence (steps per minute)

Braking (braking is the measure of how much your speed slows down
with each step)

Bounce (vertical movement)

Price:99$ (Anon., n.d.)

b.      Radar

This device is a wearable glass it’s
functions are:

Customize training program

Real time coach

Contains multiple sensors (bpm, gyroscope,

Price:449$ (Taylor,
December 27, 2016)

c.       Fitbit

This device is worn in wrist like a band
and possess features like:

Measures calorie

Tracks sleep activity

Price:59.95$ (Anon., n.d.)

The total cost to
implement this plan will be 607.95$. These devices will prove to be effective
for athletes and can prepare them for future matches.