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What was the space race? Was it really about space?The answer is no.Space race was a competition in the exploration of space between the united state and the soviet union During the Cold War. United States and Russia had intense feeling to win the space race.During the 1960 each country were trying to be a step ahead of the other in technological advancement and , success was evaluated by what nation did and which nation did first, each of the early advancement was achieved by the Soviet Union. And all of those events make the United States  to drive and catch up with the Soviet Union. This competition continues throughout the space race. Although space race was about technological advance ,somewhere it was also a cause of safety and peace that protected whole world from serious disaster.in this paper i am going to discuss about space race between the United States and Russia, and how it was inflamed and ends .   Space race started, when the Soviets launched the world’s first artificial satellite, Sputnik I, it set off alarm bells in the Eisenhower Administration and created intense fear and anxiety among the US public that the Soviet Union had greater technology than the United States.According to the article “The US, The USSR, And Space Exploration”, Bradley G Shreve mentions “It is true that when space age began with launching of sputnik I ,in October 1957 political and military leader in the U.S. saw outer space as a new arena for super power sparing, while its exploration was simply view cold war strategic positioning.”in other words we can say that space race didn’t start before 1957. everything was look like normal right before the Soviet Union launched the earth’s first artificial satellite, Sputnik 1 .the successful launch of sputnik 1 brought so much anxiety  and tension in the united state.U.S citizens and its leader were shocked specially who were hoping that  United State would have accomplish this advancement first . the fact  soviet union successfully created fear that U.S military is way behind from soviet union in developing new technology.as a result launch of sputnik 1 seen as intensifire of the arm race. first artificial satellite launched did not affected  president Dwight Eisenhower  because he did not understand the implication of sputnik . in the “U.S.the USSR And Space Race exploration ” ,shreve state Eisenhower’s response  to media ,”it does not change my apprehension ,not one iota” in other word we can say that President Eisenhower was little enthusiastic in  the space race that is  why his administration and united state government began reacting in different way . Although Competition between United State and  and the soviet union in the space race may started after successful launch of sputnik 1but most of historian blame John F.Kennedy for heating up  the space race .According to the journal article “John F Kennedy and the Two Faces of the U.S Space Program 1961-63″,W.D.Kay states,  it was kennedy who made racing with -and beating the -the USSR the counter piece of the U.S space program” . It means that kennedy played important role in space race.He was the only person who wanted to beat USSR in the advancement of space technology that is why kennedy declared  in his “moon speech”May 25,1961 that  a lunar landing before 1970 is a urgent national need .Kennedy’s space policy was  two faces first he raised competition and second he wanted to USSR to promote peaceful cooperation in space .his approach was very different from previous president .for example president Eisenhower never directly involved in space race because he wanted to use space peacefully.The little movement in his direction during the end of 1950 ,the national Aeronautic and the Space Administration (NASA)never advanced above primary stage .in contrast kennedy made several effort to involve Premier Nikita khrushchev in a variety of joint space project. Indeed Kennedy’ cooperative  policy was shadow of  competitive image .its best example was  a proposal for lunar landing .on september 20,1963 Kennedy invited the USSR to join the U.S. in lunar landing project.The same project in which USSR faile two years ago .Kennedy and competition ‘For president kennedy and many American citizen at the time ,USSR pitch was very long in the U.S space program. from the beginning with the presidential campaign and continuing up until the day before his death ,kennedy always referred America’s effort in space with Soviet union . Often he used clear cut competitive tone which was full of “racing ” metaphor such as “winning ,”catching up”and being first so on .Kay used “kennedy campaign position paper on space stated that  “the Eisenhower Administration’s initially attempt to go into space on a budgetary  shoestring have made it difficult to compete” .these kind of rumour continued when Kennedy took office .And in november 1961,kennedy declare that there was “no area where the United state received greater setback to to its prestige as the number one  industrial country in the world than in being second in the field of the space”. in  April 1963 during the press conference the president state that “we are behind now ,and we will continue to be behind .but if we make major effort we have a chance to be ahead at the end of the decade which is where I think we ought to be.” there were many incidence that show kennedy never liked to be second in the space .he just wanted to win the space race in any condition. Kay mentions in his paper that the day before his assassination ,in his speech in San Antonio ,the president officially announce,      I think the united state should be leader .A Country as rich and powerful as       this ….should be second to none …..while I do not regard our mastery of space       as anywhere near complete ,while i recognize that there are area where we        are still behind …..this year I hope the United State will be ahead .Was the space of the 1960 the kind of ” moral equivalent of war”that was the philosopher williams James point of view,Werth  mentioned  in his article “A Surrogate for war -the U.S.Space Program in the 1960” during the 1960 political heroes did not care about military feeling until they did not find good substitute for  defeat USSR.James wrote in 1910 responding to naval arm race between great Britain and Germany. As if he could foresee the cold war,he went on:  “Peace in military mouths today is a synonyms for war expected.”every up to date dictionary should say that peace and war mean the same thing now in posse,now in actu.it may even reasonable be said that the intensely sharp competitive preparation for war by the nation is the real war, permanent, unceasing ” in other words we can say that during 1960 war and peace have the same meaning.On one hand U.S wanted to be a first place in the space race by defeating USSR,and on the other hands U.S also wanted to peaceful cooperation from the USSR. In the mid 1960s astronaut and cosmonauts dulled for space first in two seater spacecraft.Alexei Leonov achieved a 10 minutes space walk in the spring of 1965. Photographed show “