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What does freedom mean to me? Freedom means a few things to me. The first thing is there is no restrictions to any activities or sports. The next thing is there is no slavery for me or my family. The third thing is can pursue your dreams and live, work, and go where I want. I can be my own person and I can talk to who I want to talk to.First off, if I didn’t have freedom I would not be able to play sports.I like to play sports it is one of my favorite pass time and thing to do when I am bored . I also love to go camping on the lake side with my family. I like to chill and have a s’more in the wilderness. The last thing is I love sports but women in other countries, like Saudi Arabia can’t play sports for fun. They have to make it to the olympics to play sports. So I am happy I live in the U.S.A and have freedom to do the  things I love.The next thing is, that there is no slavery in the USA. If there is no slavery I can do the things I love but other countries aren’t as lucky. In Thailand people are taken for modern day slavery. Unfortunately back then  only blacks were taken and had to work on farms without any pay. So then the blacks didn’t have their freedom to do what they want  like whites did back then ,but then are good friend Abe Lincoln freed the slaves so they could do that. Then they had segregation and they the same problems as before then a great people stood together and tried to get blacks the same rights.With freedom I can be my own person. I can believe what I think is true and not what  other people think is true. I can also understand the world through my eyes and brain and  not someone else’s. For some other people they are not as lucky. People in Burma and China have to believe in something religious in their country or they can be put to death. So I am happy I have the freedom.I like to talk to my friends. Also I can choose who I want and who I don’t want to talk to.   With freedom I can do that but people in some other countries can’t talk to their families. So it is nice to be able to interact with family and friends.Another thing is I can work, live ,and go where I want and do what I want to do not what the leader of the free world says to do. When I am 18 I can also vote for a presidential candidate I think will do a better job as president. I can also decide what vacation i want to go on  or if I want to live beverly hills of if I want to be a farmer of not. All americans have that option to choose where they want to live and work.We americans also have to work for our freedom. If we do a bad crime we are obviously gonna be put in jail. We will lose our freedom in prison.  We also have to go to work to get money so we can do fun  things with are freedom. If we don’t get money we can’t do what we want. So what does freedom mean to me? It means I can do what I love with the people I love. So I can go on a vacation with my family or I can pursue my dreams of being a farmer with my family by my side. So when you ask me what freedom means to me that’s what I will say.