What So, it means that car market is enough

What unites Leonardo DiCaprio, George
Clooney, Stephen King, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Matt Damon, Tom Hanks and Al
Gore? (VIA Motors)  Right! Electric cars.
These green celebrities rock environmentally friendly automobiles to show how
alternative vehicles can tread lightly on the planet, and at the same time
deliver on power and style.

This study addresses the issue of the
ecological and economical impact of enforcing electric cars in Almaty city. The
proposition that would be tested is “There would be a significant positive
impact on the Almaty’s ecological environment and city’s economy from the
increased number of enforcing electric cars by residents and non residents of
Almaty.” The importance of this topic has arisen since the number of vehicles
in Almaty is keep increasing yearly that caused the ecological problem of air
pollution.  According to the Akim’s
Administration, main cause of air pollution in the city is emission of substances
from transport, namely 80% (Akim’s Administration of Bostandyk District, 2008).

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the amount of cars in the world arises fast and frequently, for example the
number of vehicles in 2010 reached 1,05 billion (Sousanis, 2011).By
July 1 of 2013 according to the CA-News reports the total number of registered
cars in Kazakhstan is 3,650,800. As well according to World Bank Data in 2010
Kazakhstan occupies 66th place by the 219 of road motor vehicles per 1000
people. So, it means that car market is enough developed in our country, and in
the near future we will be able to buy electric vehicles.

to Lee and Lovellette (2011, July)
electric cars can be divided by system components like a battery for energy, an
electric motor, a generator, a mechanical transmission and a power control
system. Now there are four main types of electric vehicles: hybrid electric
vehicle, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, extended-range electric vehicle, and
battery electric vehicle. The hybrid electric vehicles use a small electric
battery to addition a standard engine. It increases fuel efficiency by about 25
percent. The plug-in hybrid electric vehicle is also having the electric motor
and the internal combustion engine. It has a larger battery pack, which is
charged from the power grid. This battery complements an engine smaller than
those that are in hybrid or conventional vehicles. The hybrid and plug-in
hybrid both combine an internal combustion engine with a battery and electric
motor to increase fuel efficiency. The difference between them is that you can
use electricity as a fuel, because plug-ins can recharge from an electric
outlet. An extended-range electric vehicle works on the principle charging
successively of an internal combustion engine to power an electric generator,
the battery system in a linear process — the engine powers a generator, which
charges the battery. The last is battery electric vehicles, which are all
electric. They do not have internal combustion engine and they have to be
plugged into the electric power grid to recharge.