What the solutions they put themselves more than the

What is Coaching:

is a way to develop people’s skills and abilities to enhance their performance
and can help to address issues before they become major problems.

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Eric Parsloe (1999, p. 8) defined coaching as “a process
that enables learning and development to occur and thus performance to improve.
To be a successful a Coach requires a knowledge and understanding of process as
well as the variety of styles, skills and techniques that are appropriate to
the context in which the coaching takes place”


Coaching is a professional relationship that helps people achieve great results in both lives personal and professional also helps to fill the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. The coach works with the coachee to reach his goal Coaching is done by conducting a conversation session between the coach and the coachee. Here, the coach helps the coachee to find answers for himself. It is known that most people want the solutions they put themselves more than the ones they are forced to. 

is a way of thinking to find solutions, learning and development. The purpose
of coaching is to build self-confidence in the coachee.


are many different type of coaching modules that coach can choose between to
help them create a structure between the coach and the coachee includes all
coaching stages start from the coaching conversation until the goals.


The purpose for coaching models is to build a structure to guide the coachee through set goals to be achieved, knowing where they are now, finding options, identifying difficulties and finally set a work plan. 

coaching models share the same purpose regardless of their different names;
here are examples of some models:



GROW                                                                 STAR

Goal Setting                                                        Situation

Reality                                                                 Task

Options                                                               Actions

What Action is Next                                            Results


CLEAR                                                                  SOLVE

Constructing                                                        State the

Listening                                                              Observe the
Problem Resolved

Exploring                                                             List the Exceptions

Review                                                                Verify the


coaching benefits the organization and employee at the same time, for example:


For the Organization: developing
employee’s skills and assigning new tasks for them, thus maintaining the
organization’s most efficient, loyal and productive employees.

For the employee: the employee’s feel of support and encouragement from
his/her manager and organization as well as pride when overcoming the
challenges that face him/her and the
development of his/her career.


is Mentoring

is a way to help people develop their careers by sharing the experience of


and Megginson (1999, P. 3) defined mentoring as “off-line help by one person to
another in making significant transitions in knowledge, work or thinking”


Mentoring is a relationship between two people an experienced person and non-experienced person (mentor and mentee) based on sharing experiences is based on trust and respect between the two persons.


is an informal relationship that is closer to the friendship where the mentor
is the tool to support and develop the mentee, but the mentor is not the person
who observers and advises the mentee in the daily work.


One of the advantages of mentoring is familiarizing it to the culture and environment of any organization. There are five models of mentoring: 

One-on-one mentoring

model is either formal or informal by matching mentor and mentee together and
the two are involved in the design of the structure of the program and timeframe
or as planned in the official mentoring program.


One-on-one peer mentoring

model is similar to one-on-one model but it differs that the mentee is the one
who chooses the mentor through a list of mentors and the mentee begins to ask
for assistance from the mentee


Group mentoring

this model, the mentor works with a group of coachees at one time and this
gathering helps everyone to develop their skills and knowledge