What to respond to natural occurring pleasures throughout the

What is the first thought that comes to
mind when asked about drug abuse in the United States? What are its long-term
effects on humans and society? Drug abuse in the United States is often
overlooked, but drugs such as cocaine have caused irreversible destruction to
our society. These effects can be seen through families, increase in drug
related crimes, death, and neighborhoods with violence.

In today’s world people only tend to see cocaine
as a white substance and don’t fully
realize from where it originates. Cocaine is a drug extracted from the “leaves of coca plants” and
later turned into “white powder” or a “rock” through a tedious process of chemicals (Cocaine and (Crack)). It is
an influential brain “stimulant” which means that when it is used, it speeds up the way the brain
works (Cocaine (Crack)). Therefore, making it one of the highest addictive drug
on the streets in the United States.  

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“It is generally accepted that there is no single cause responsible
for any type of substance” or in this case, cocaine
abuse. “Instead it is believed to be caused by an
interaction of genetic and environmental factors” (“Cocaine Abuse & Effects, Signs & Symptoms”). For many years now, “it has
been known that cocaine abuse runs in families.” “Individuals who have a first degree relative with this substance
used disorder are at a higher risk for developing this disorder themselves than
others” (“Cocaine Abuse & Effects, Signs &
Symptoms”). Because of this “repeated exposure to cocaine,” it “changes certain genes in the brain called dopamine.” “Dopamine is associated
with the rush that is experienced when an individual takes cocaine.” Thus causing “certain structures and
areas of the brain such as the amygdala and prefrontal cortex” to crave more for the drug. Therefor making the individual more
dependent on the drug just to respond to natural occurring pleasures throughout
the day to avoid a “negative mood state.” (“Cocaine Abuse &
Addiction Effects, Signs & Symptoms.”)