Whether the core muscle strength and muscle endurance as

Whether you are an amateur cyclist or
a professional one, you are well aware of the importance of having a well built
and strong core. This is required for your high endurance level, while handling
the cycle and even climbing up the road or hill. There are certain exercises
that can target your whole body in a particular manner.

will be less fatigues with strong core muscles

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The primary focus will be to train
your body in the fashion of the cycle movements, with both your upper and lower
body. This helps in the increasing of the core muscle strength and muscle
endurance as well. When your core muscles are strengthened and endurance level
increased, you are less prone to getting tired and fatigued.

Let us have a look at some of the
exercises that you can perform and benefit your cycling.


Planks are considered as one of the
simplest, yet the most effective core strengthening exercises. It basically
focuses on your shoulders, abdomen and lower back areas. You can do planks
anywhere you wish, either indoor or outdoor. It is recommended to start planks
with smaller counts and gradually increase the time.


This is exactly how you perform the
front planks, but only with your sides. While performing side planks you have
to make sure that your head, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles are all in one
alignment. Your aim must to perform at least 15 to 20 reps at a time.


Lunges are apt for cyclists as it
works on one leg at a time targeting your hamstrings, hips and quadriceps. When
you are new to lunges, it is recommended that you should practice without the
weight. Your aim should be to at least finish 3 to 5 sets with 15 to 30 reps.


Ball cobra is one exercise that
focuses on the deep core strengthening. You have to start facing down in a
relaxed position. This is followed by the lifting of your chest off the ball
slowly and then rotating the shoulders.


Leg lifts specifically targets your ab
section and hip flexors and are known to strengthen the core muscles and the
muscle endurance as well. It is advised to perform at least 15 to 20 sets with
3 to 5 sets in your target.


Apart from helping the core muscles to
enhance, burpee is an excellent whole body workout. The workout involves all
the major points in the body. The explosive nature of the movement is
responsible for the core muscle strengthening.


When you want to enhance the endurance
and muscle power in your body, Kettlebell swings are perhaps the best workout
for cyclists. It is very important to have the right posture and implement the
correct technique while performing the activity.

The above mentioned are some of the workouts
that every cyclist can perform in order to enhance the core muscles and the
endurance levels. It is recommended to indulge in powerbar snacks after the workouts.