While Pross is the embodiment of a loving and

    While Miss Pross and Madame Defarge aren’t the centers of attention in all the novels, their characters play a big part of the third book. The two women are foil characters and their differences can be seen by their varying emotional drives. While Miss Pross and Madame Defarge have stubborn personalities they have varying opinions. Miss Pross hates the French culture while Madame Defarge hates the English culture. Also while both women are trying to protect their family they have different forces pushing them to fight each other.     Similarly, Pross and Defarge have strong personalities however, Miss Pross is the embodiment of a loving and caring woman. She is a very warm-hearted person unless you mess with Lucie, and then her protective side emerges.Madame Defarge, however, is the complete opposite.She is heartless and any person that is against the revolution is a target for her wrath.These ladies are foil characters, for their personalities are contrasts of each other.     Pross hates the French language and culture and refuses to learn French and Defarge hates the English culture and how the people do whatever the King and Queen said. Madame Defarge is known as a force to be reckoned with to most of the people she meets. She has a cold personality throughout the novel but later it is revealed why she has such an icy exterior. Defarge’s one task that she is compelled to complete throughout the book is to overthrow the aristocracy. Miss Pross doesn’t stray from her devotion to Lucie along with her devotion to the King and her country. The fact that Pross has such faithfulness to the King and country already leads to high tensions between her and Defarge.     Pross is driven by the love of Lucie(who she calls Ladybird) and Defarge is driven by hatred and wants revenge for her family   War tests the limits of multiple ties in the novel. Loyalty to family and friends the characters stand behind abruptly come into question.     While both women want to protect their families, have strong personalities, and hate each other’s countries they are foil characters.