Who shall reign? Once upon a time, there was

Who shall reign? Once upon a time, there was a land over yonder and today was their big day. It was the day where the population of a hundred elects a new ruler. So how did it end? Like every year, it was a landslide! Well, frankly, it was because he found a loophole – complying to all the wishes of his servants. Because of that, his people enamoured him. But one day, one of his servants (who got him on that very throne), asked him for this outlandish request: “Your grace. Today, this mischievous and fiendish baker’s boy bumped into me! Exile him and all bakers!” If you were the ruler, how would you overcome this? Would you comply to your supporter’s request or would you bear to lose his votes? As danger and terrors draw nigh, do we just disregard and deprive an entire group over the felony of one (like the Islamic community)? This, my friend, is democracy! Watch out- don’t fall into the minority, you are at risk because of this ‘unblemished’ system in which 123 countries abhorrently cherish. Resonating Benjamin Franklin, “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.”I give my sincerest thanks to my fellow Americans, and to the press and media for their attendance today. First and foremost, I recognise that there is this famous fallacy: democracy is freedom of speech, democracy represents us, democracy promotes a sense of involvement! Quick question, have you ever received the ‘short end of the stick’ in voting? Did you feel deprived? Annoyed? Well, I did. We have seen what arises- from the incurred wraths of protesters to the rowdy ruckus of marches and strikes. We have seen the largest march in American history, where an estimated 4.2 million women worldwide marched against Trump’s misogyny, after the first day of Trump’s inauguration. We have seen the determined Black Lives Matter community march on Byrd Park in Black History Month, against the racial prejudices and casteism. We have seen the Impeachment protests, where people, in thousands, rallied nationwide to impeach our ‘beloved’ president. So, please rationally tell me: Does democracy exist when protests have surged by 188% in the past 5 years? No! Democracy might have functioned in the past, I assure you, it does not now.Why? Politicians only care about votes – we all know they love construing facts. We all know they love exaggerating ideas. We all know they love toying with us- toying with every ounce of emotion and thought we have. As they know it, rationality does not exist… if they can sway our emotion. In a democratic society, I will bet you (and I am sure of winning), that every democratic president preys on the insecurities, prejudices and ignorance of the people. Tell me if this sounds familiar: “They’re sending people that have lots of problems. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.” Well, President Trump said that, in hopes of instilling animosity towards indigent immigrants fleeing from devastation. (We elected him. We allowed him to sit in the Oval Office and now, we regret.) Another instance of regret happens in Taiwan. As bands of protesters, who know as well as the government that their votes matter, ‘parade’ on the streets day after day against an impotent government, how do you overcome this? If we are constantly angered by the decisions made, I believe there is a problem. Another example – the recent Brexit. They eagerly wish to leave the disintegrating EU; they wanted change. Well, they managed to. However, as months passed after their referendum, more than half regretted their decisions. Furthermore, I say this with no offence but when 54% of the population (obviously apart from the current company) are illiterate, dropouts and uneducated- and they all carry the same amount of votes as you- how can this system, based on voting, work? Moreover, there is an obvious lack of diplomacy and legitimacy in a democracy- the most common being gerrymandering, where politicians, our politicians, manipulate the boundaries of a constitution for votes, to get that upper hand. Hence, our votes frankly do not matter in this “well planned system”. Just recently, the Judge banged his gavel over the partisan gerrymandering. So how do you feel about this foul play?Currently, we see democracy getting ‘the short end of the stick’ in many countries. I will tell you this: there is no point mopping the floors when there is a leaking pipe. Instead, we should fix the pipe, the pipe inherent in all of democracy – demagoguery. This epidemic, manifested in democracy, is what obscures our path. So, let me continue my tale from the beginning. What did the ruler do? For the sake of democracy, he banished all the bakers. As one decision led to another, he became a laughing stock. His kingdom began to crumble; the land became chaotic. His men, who stood next to him, fled one by one. Here he is, with only 36 men still in support of him and the others trying to topple him. Well, he does not care. He knows, (as well as everyone) that he has another four years and ‘we’ will have to  live with him until 2020. Thank you for listening, fellow Americans.