Why and made me realize that I would like

Why Engineering?


was always curious and eager to learn more about how and why things are the way
they are. I desired to find the mechanics of
everything around me and that trail led me to a degree in engineering.

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Use imagination to come up with a solution to a real problem

In the end there is a tangible product


Why work?


the practical hands-on experience and wanted an independent view in my field of


Why M Tech?


After receiving a bachelor degree, I spent two years absorbed in the (as site engineer) industry, only to
realize it is not as fulfilling as I would like it to be. I decided to peruse
masters as it would jumpstart a new career. (Help me mold my career in a new




Why Domain Change?


A particular focus of the taught component of
the course was studying the behavior and design of hydraulic structures.

This captivated my interest and made me realize that I would like to
focus on the structural design domain in the long run. After graduation, I tried to find jobs in design of hydraulic
structures but unfortunately, the time did not favor well and I accepted
a job offer in structural engineering field




I was introduced to several
functional aspects of Tensile Structural Industry. The exposure that I gained
by engineering tensile fabric structures and cable net structures for our
clients across the Middle Eastern countries was humongous. A high degree of technical validation using software
was required at each phase of the design, like wind loading and flexible
structural connection, as the codes
relating specifically to tensile fabric structures are still in their nascent


Why Break?


1. Want
to diversify my experience by working in both steel and concrete domain. The experience that I acquired
from my job profiles till date made me determined to explore more extensively
the different aspects of structural steel connections, wind interaction and
anchoring in concrete, which in turn would provide me with better career
prospects. Though my previous work experience
concentrates on the design of steel
buildings and tensile structures, my undiminished interest in concrete
structures continues to prevail and I would like to diversify my experience by
working in both steel and concrete domains.


2.Charted Engineer status plays the role of recognition and acceptance of one’s academic
qualification and professional attainment on a global platform. Backing of
structural engineering masters will be helpful in obtaining the Charted-engineering




my knowledge in the field of Structural engineering   –




as a consulting structural engineer 



Management Course?


As the
senior structural engineer I am responsible for the delivery of   design requirements
of the project. The supervision and management of engineering and on site
staffs are also a necessity.


developing a new design, specifying the right solution to an engineering
problem and managing its delivery throughout the project lifecycle is key to
getting the right solution for the right price on time.


technical + Management skills



without MBA?


juggling, trying to get one report out the door and start a new project at the
same time.


with the design team for a projects, normally made up of the architect, the
mechanical & electrical engineer and any other people who give specialist





Strengthen my people management skills.

Improves decision making skills