Why or a Thanksgiving meal, treating a friend to

Why do we enjoy Food ?It is close to the end of the marking period and all the seniors have to do a research paper on a topic. I decided to do my topic on why do we enjoy food , because i love food. Without proper nutrition, your body can’t survive.tst Food is something that provides nutrients. Nutrients are substances that provide energy for activity ,growth, and all functions of the body such as breathing. Food is in fact one of the most complicated sets of chemicals imaginable. Food is composed of many different chemical substances – ‘macronutrients’ major nutritional components that are present in relatively large amounts such as protein.), ‘micronutrients’ (major nutritional components that are present in relatively small amounts, such as vitamins), water, and roughage (dietary fibre). Many other components can also be present in food.The chemical nature of food is changed by storage, preservation and, especially, by cooking. Food has proteins , carbohydrate , and fat without those things nobody wouldn’t be here because you can survive off of just water. Proteins give us meats, beans and fish . carbohydrates gives us bread, cereal ,and vegetables. Fats gives us our fried food,cheese ,butter ,and oils . Also we need small amounts of minerals and vitamins . These are many reasons why i love food . i don’t like all foods but most foods i do enjoy from chicken ,mash potatoes,fries,stuffen,and much more. I eat all the time if i’m not sleep i just don’t grow for some reason . Flavour is mainly what we enjoy when we eat food, and flavour is based on the interaction of taste buds and smellslike how the holidays are coming around like i’m so ready for thanksgiving and christmas just for the food. Most of all thanksgiving because it’s not like a everyday meal you would eat everyday.Having the entire family together at your grandparents’ house for Christmas Eve dinner or a Thanksgiving meal, treating a friend to a birthday dinner, or annual family celebrations are perfect ways to keep in touch and connect with your family and friends that you might not see regularly.  In fact on holidays a human being gains an extra 110 calories just because of the fact that we eat more on holidays than an average day.Simply due to the fact we enjoy coming together as a family and doing something we enjoy….eating.Well let’s not make this about the holidays as we know it’s just the main point we eat more on the holidays. Like do we really enjoy food? Well i have been doing some research and most people say because it taste delicious Deliciousness is both ingrained and learned, both personal and universal. It is a product of all five senses (hearing included) interacting in unexpected ways, those sensory signals subject to gross revision by that clump of nerve tissue we call the brain..These five tastes are enough to help determine if the thing we just put into our mouth should go any farther—if it’s sweet or savory and thus a probable source of nutrients or if it’s bitter and potentially poisonous. Our sense of taste doesn’t end at the mouth. In recent years scientists have found taste receptors all over the body, discoveries that have solved some long-standing mysteries. Food is a primal ,everyday part of our live .. As human beings we all have different taste buds in which we really love the feeling of good food going into our mouths and into our body. Food is needed and enjoyed by the 7.442 billion of us on this earth.There’s nothing better than having your whole family home around the same table for dinner. Food is a catalyst that brings people together.  We are all programmed to seek pleasure and avoid pain.  It’s the main part of the human nervous system. So,  when you eat, you are avoiding the pain of hunger and finding the pleasure you’re seeking.Food also makes us feel good. Food, glorious food! Whether you’re a sneaky snacker or a mega meal muncher, all humans need food to survive.There is something very satisfying about having a full belly, and in addition, certain foods comfort us. The pleasure of having a full stomach is enjoyed by many people along with ourselves and is forever going to be a priority factor in a human’s life because it is a necessity of life. In fact the average male intakes over 2,640 calories in a day while the average female intakes over 1,785 calories a day. This is over the amount that they “recommend” us to intake but we don’t really pay attention to how many calories we consume because we are to busy enjoying the food. Only 27% of human beings check or ask about the calories in a certain food before actually eating it. People don’t really care about what’s inside the food and what the bad “side effects” are as long as it’s fulfilling them at the moment and until they’re hungry again is all that matter. Food is like medicine when you’re hungry you eat to solve your problem because you’re “sick” from hunger and food is the medicine. Just like if you have a cold and you take cold medicine to stop or heal your cold problem. Food has its own way of solving all your problems which indicates that it can be used in a process of healing which is why many people are infatuated by food and its helping ways even though food is not a living thing it’s still a thing you can go to for all your problems just eat and you’ll feel way better than you did before you didn’t eat. Food is a gateway to someone’s fulfilled happiness to a situation or problem.You can always turn to food to make you feel better, even if it is just for a little bit. People even use food as motivation for finishing their homework before they can take a study break to eat. After a bad day or after something makes you sad sometimes all you need is comfy clothes, a good movie, and a tub of ice cream to cure everything. I can’t really say too much about ice cream because i can’t have it anyways .Food is also good to make .Getting recipes online, inspo from Pinterest pages, watching Barefoot Contessa on the Food Network, or even making your family’s traditional Christmas cookie recipe is so enjoyable. There’s nothing more satisfying than pulling your gooey, homemade, and delicious smelling creation of out the oven and of course snapping pics to all your friends showing them how much of a chef you really are.Also it can teach you new things as you are looking at new things to try to make,it also allows you to learn new country and cultures in many ways. Traveling to new countries and trying their native food would be so interesting and fun. It allows you to understand the culture more without anyone even having to say anything. Homemade pasta in Italy, handmade tortillas in a hut on a service trip in Guatemala, or even fresh strawberries picked off of a farm in Indiana gives you more or a glimpse into the lives of people living in different parts of the world and can even help you appreciate their culture a little more. One day i hope i can travel the world and learn about food because i enjoy food that much i would like to learn more about it in person .Overall, food is much more than what it seems on the surface. It is powerful and makes differences in people’s everyday lives. I had so much fun doing research on this paper.