Wilbur and Orville Wright contributed to our daily lives

Wilbur and Orville Wright contributed to our daily lives today!  They did this by creating a faster way to travel.   Wilbur Wright was born on April 16th, 1867 and died on May 30th, 1917 due to typhoid fever.  Orville was born on August 19th, 1871 and died on January 30th, 1948 due to a (second) heart attack.  They owned a printing press in the mid 1880s, and a bike shop from 1892-1909.  They also sold toys and tools before the airplane.  Their first flight was in 1903 and flew 852 feet.  To do this they needed lots of scientific knowledge. The Wright brothers used science to create the airplane, but it’s not as easy as you might think.  They had to make the plane aerodynamic so it could fly fast, far, and efficiently.  They also used science when building the engine, by studying how much power the engine would need to make their airplane fly.  They used science when designing the wiring to be able to move things on the airplane, like the rudder,  without getting out and moving it by hand.  Another thing they created that contributed to science was the three axis control which controls pitch, roll, and yaw movement.  In this movement the airplane can roll over with its ailerons, turn with the rudder, and pitch the nose up and down with the tail.  All of these movements are associated with the yoke, and are still used in all airplanes today!  The airplane also contributed to the Wright brother’s career and life.   The Wright brothers had many careers in their lifetime.  One of them was operating a printing press where they would print for the newspaper.  They got tired of that and decided that they would get another job selling toys and tools.  They got tired of that too but since they were interested in building an airplane they decided to get another job to gather enough money to build an airplane.  They owned their bike shop for 17 years (Wright Cycle Company) and were able to use some of the knowledge and tools from the shop to build some airplane parts like the airplane’s engine.  They practiced gilding before they flew engine powered flights.  Their first powered flight was 852 feet long on Kill Devil Hill in North Carolina.  Once they began flying airplanes they started a business where they built and sold airplanes.  Wilbur was born in Millville Indiana and Orville was born in Dayton Ohio.  Neither of them ended up getting married.  The Wright brothers went to Indiana, Ohio, and Iowa for schooling since their father, Milton Wright moved around a lot for job opportunities.  Neither of the brothers attended college.  Wilbur attended high school for four years, but orville only did for three.  But technically Wilbur didn’t graduate since he missed graduation because of his father moving.   There are also some interesting things about the Wright brothers, let’s take a look. For one thing, the Wright brother’s father Milton Wright didn’t allow them to fly together for safety reasons, he was afraid that if they crashed they would both be seriously injured or even killed.  The Wright brothers studied birds to help make the airplane.  Their interest in aviation started with a toy helicopter their father gave them.  Once they were grown up, they used gliders before using engine powered airplanes.  Between September 19th and October 24th 1922 they took 700  to 1,000 glides, afterward they decided they were ready to add the engine.   They made their own engines in their bicycle shop.  Their first flight was on Kill Devil Hill in North Carolina and flew 852 feet.  That was the only time they flew together.  They later took their father on a 7 minute flight.  The Wright brothers lived a very interesting life and did some pretty amazing things.  Hopefully after this document you know a little bit more about the Wright brothers.