Will the landscape medicine. Furthermore, nanotechnology simplifies green and

Will nanotechnology
change our life soon?

Neal Stephenson’s novel” The Diamond Age” is set in the world
where nanotechnology is an ordinary happening. Without any doubt, science and
technology go hand in hand and lead the track of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology
is changing, and it will continue to change our lives in the future. However,
there will be countless benefits of nanotechnology in the field of medical science,
sustainable growth as well as generate and use of electricity. This essay will
demonstrate the revolution of nanotechnology in the future.

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To begin with, in the medical field, nanotechnology is one of
the novel scientific discoveries that will give high prospect to make human
life better. Wearable fitness technology is a category of tech device that can
track information related to health and fitness of the wearer (Digital Pulse,
2016). It can take measurement of our body from head to foot. The best examples
for wearable fitness technology are, prototype electronic tattoos and injection
of tiny sensors. Theses gadgets will monitor heartbeat, sugar level and even
cancer. Although, realization of the full potential of nanomedicine may be
years or decades away, recent advancement in nanotechnology related to tackle
drug issues are beginning to change the landscape medicine.

Furthermore, nanotechnology simplifies green and sustainable
growth. Green Growth is fostering economic growth and development, while
ensuring that natural aspects, continue to provide the resource and environmental
service on which our well-being relies (OECD). The six areas: – Nano-enabled
solar cells, energy storage, nanogenerators, thermal energy, fuel crystals and
water treatment are offered potential benefits of nanotechnology. Most of the potential
green Nano-solutions are still in the lab to start up the phase and very few
products have reached to the market to date. Advanced studies are essential to
assess the applicability, adeptness and sustainability of nanotechnologies
under more convincing conditions, as well as to certify Nano-materials (NM)
enabled system in comparison to existing technologies. Additionally, potential
life cycle engineered nanomaterials must take full contribution to economic
growth during the up-coming stage ().

(The Economic Contribution of nanotechnology to green and
sustainable growth- 2015)

Moreover, Nanotechnology helps to create batteries that can
store more energy and solar panels to covert more sunlight into electricity.
Nanotechnology and nanomaterials are currently developed to show potential to
produce energy from light, “An international group of researchers led by Elizbieta
Megiel of the university of Poland reports that nanomaterials are widely doing
their search for removing heavy material and dyes from waste water.” For this
purpose, nanotechnology and nanometres are the weapons to produce electricity
power with lesser input but a huge output. It has created the new ways to
generate and use electricity

No one dispute, there will be many positive aspects from nanotechnology,
but some arguments are against nanotechnology advances, so as weapons become more powerful and portable,
these devices can also be turned against us.  Nanotech may create new,
unimaginable forms of torture. Firstly, terrorists thus, weapons become more
powerful and portable and these devices can also be turned against mankind. At
the same time, the military use that advanced technology to serve the country
and save the nation.
Secondly, as products shrink in size, overhearing devices too
can become invisible to the naked eye and more moveable, making it easier to
assault privacy.  While this may be true that small enough to plant into
our bodies, mind-controlling nanodevices may be able to affect our thoughts by
manipulating brain-processes. On the other hand, portable devices are easy to
carry from one place to another as a result it is easy to achieve long term
goals in a short time period.

To sum up, the prospects of
nanotechnology are very bright, and it will be an undeniable force tomorrow. Nanotechnology
has proved to be extremely useful and has a lot of applications. In the future
nanotechnology can move and put atoms together which could became a blessing in
well-being, economic evolution, and tackle climate issues and to protect the
globe. According to my point of view, a limit should be set by  individuals to adopt any technology, boundless
access will destroy peace of mind and it will terminate all God’s creatures.