With Adrian, Michigan, I took a myriad of interdisciplinary

With the abundance of data at our fingertips, we are
virtually sitting on a goldmine of information, and the corporate world is in a
great position to capitalize on these valuable data sets.

As an undergraduate student at Adrian College in Adrian,
Michigan, I took a myriad of interdisciplinary courses, but had focused my
studies on Mathematics. I’ve taken many quantitative courses throughout my
degree path, including Theory of Probability, Mathematical Statistics, Discrete
Mathematics, Real Analysis, and Web Programming, among others. I also worked as
a math tutor …

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Soon after graduation, I took an Operations Internship at
Quicken Loans. This gave me the chance I was looking for, to start learning the
process of data analytics. I made sure I was given relevant projects to help
out on, including taking over the daily production report, which utilized the
available employee data to summarize the departments work to keep the employees
on track to meet monthly quotas.

This and similar projects let me hone my skills in computing
and analysis, which greatly influenced my job acquisition at Vachette Pathology
Management. I started out as a Data Entry Specialist, but was quickly promoted
to a Data & Project Coordinator.

The Masters of Science program in Analytics at Bowling Green
State University is the ideal path for my academic and professional career. This
program not only allows its students to gain technical and mathematical expertise,
but also business acumen, which is crucial in the position of an Analyst. Every
course offered in the sequence is of great interest to me. Courses such as
Regression and Time-Series Analysis will build upon my skills I learned during
my undergraduate career and help to learn more specialized statistical techniques
in descriptive, prescriptive, and predictive analytics, while other courses
such as Decision Optimization and Business Intelligence will allow me to
utilize my work experience. They, along with all of the other courses, will
help me to translate the massive amounts of data into strategically relevant,
insightful and immediately useful actions. I also look forward to gain a deeper
understanding for the computing power and applications involved in the
analytics process, such as database management and computer algorithmic
techniques learned throughout the program. The way this program is structured
also greatly benefits the professional student. All coursework directly
correlates to on-the-job knowledge and responsibilities, and the way the
courses are focused into one year allows for greater concentration on the topics
at hand,