With disk and you’re done without any problems. Like

software, you are able to do anything with it as long as it is within the line
of many codes within the program. All pieces of Software come in different
levels of difficulty from easy to hard, this also happen to upgrades as they
can be in different sizes. 

it comes to software installation, you might not be able to use an installation
disk and you’re done without any problems. Like in life, to do something you
have to prepare to make sure what you’re doing does what is needed.

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preparing for an installation for a business or person, there should be a
sequence someone should do before the installation will begin. Before the
installation has begun, the person in charge would need to check the
requirements to see if the computer is compatible with the software. If the
computer isn’t compatible with the software then lots of problems could happen
and may even mess up the computer.

software and updates vary in size. Normally the larger software’s take longer
to install, however customers will be happier with the product because the
software having more things to do in it. Also with an update, the larger the
update the longer install. 

installing the company or person installing software must make sure that they
have all of the needed materials around them examples of materials would be
installation guides and license keys because if the person installing the
software is unsure they will be able to look back to the installation guide for

timing of the installation would be important for a company or for the
individual, reason behind this is because the best time for a company to install
is when nobody is in the company and most of their workers are at home, this
would mean that the system will be unused and be able to install the software
without annoying the workers. 

after an installing there could be some things that might happen which are
changing of mind to not have the software on the system. Software didn’t
install properly or software corrupted other software files and file locations.
The plan is to back out without ruining the system and sorting out any changes
that happened though the install process. On occasions software can cause a
computer to malfunction, causing the computer harm and other times you may just
want to feel peace of mind knowing that the software is gone.

an organisation people will be working in different areas from each other and
each area that have rights access to different things. Everyone cannot be able
to have access to everything as this would be a huge problem and a breach of security
that may lead to a huge problem happening which may end up as workers selling information
or misuse their permissions.